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Do Not Disturb

In past posts we have already established that He can and does focus on one thing with rapt attention and is extremely resistant to interruption.  We have also established that she is extremely persistent.

12:30 A.M.

She brushed her teeth, washed her face and got ready for bed.  She went looking for He for a bit of conversation and a good-night kiss.  He was at his desk composing.  She said, “I’m going to bed now–”


“-but did you know that — if you’re standing in Manoa Valley and facing the back — that up where those houses are at the left-hand top of ridge — there is a state park?”

He grunted and said, “No.”

She said, “Well there is.  I was just reading about it.  From that park you can supposedly see from Kokohead to Waianae.”

He said, “That’s nice.”

She said, “I want to go there.”

He answered, “Not now.”

She giggled.

He gave her “that look”.

Having succeeded in her mission, she happily kissed him and went off to bed.


    1. Gee, Melli, I guess we do! LOL! I corrected my inattention. [shakes head] It is too bad you are not going to like my novel because you really would make a great beta reader!

  1. ROFL! For every post of Amoeba’s that warns me off Hawaii, Kay’s blog makes me want to go *anyway* LOL. I love her photos and her family.

    So now off to see what Amoeba was doing that was sooooo important —

    1. Susan — aha! Ten points for knowing where I started my reading! I then looked up the park online and visited it via Google.

      Guess what, Amoeba and I have been invited to a luncheon by Gigi, and we will get to meet Kay there. I am very excited.

    1. Church Lady — I always get my good night kiss. If he’s working on something at the time, I don’t always get his undivided attention.

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