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Secure Online Shopping

I’ve been sharing great online shopping websites so that obviously means that I shop online.  I figure if I am going to encourage you to do the same, I should tell you how to keep your personal information safe while doing so.  I use a Secure Payment Agent whenever I need to make a Credit Card Payment, that way I am not broadcasting my personal information across the Internet.

Have you ever made an online purchase and then suddenly experienced an increase in email spam and even snail mail spam?  That’s because while you were shopping, the company you chose to do business with was gathering your personal info to sell.  OR — worse yet — you were phished out of their data base or your info was mined by an internet hacker.

Currently the most comprehensive SPA on the market is Shop Shield®.  When you use Shop Shield®, internet phishers, hackers and/or company employees can’t steal your name, passwords, credit card numbers,  phone numbers, addresses, or even your email identities, because the information is never provided to the web sites.  Shop Shield protects you by providing one use Anonymous Virtual Visa® Cards for your online purchases, which stops credit card theft cold.  And, if you have a reoccurring monthly subscription, Shop Shield® can issue you a one-site only Virtual Visa® Card good for up to a year, but only for the subscription you specify.

Shop Shield® prevents the theft of your name, address, password and other such data by not making it available in the fist place.  Shop Shield® replaces your real identity information with anonymous data that is useless to thieves and can’t be traced.  Better yet, Shop Shield® is guaranteed 100% secure.

Shop Shield® will never sell your personal information and the service is free when you pay with a checking account.   Plus Shop Shield® is accepted almost everywhere that accepts major credit cards.

Click on the link; check out the site, and check out the comparison page for the other major Secure Payment Agencies.    And while you’re there, sign up for a free $1000.00 shopping spree.  No Shop Shield® purchase required.

Shop Smart.  Shop Safe.  Shop Shield®.


    1. Oh! I hope you don’t have any complications! If you were working with a reputable business and they had a secured website you should be fine. Just don’t do it again!

  1. I never bought a thing online except I ordered photos, that was so cheap. Therefore I have no idea. People I know never had a bad experience, but I heard of it on TV.
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

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