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Personalized Postage Stamps

Looking for a way to be unique and make your invitations or mailings stand out in the crowd?  You don’t have to look any further than ArtisticPostage.Com. Although their primary business is Wedding Postage Stamps, don’t limit your self to that concept. Check out the site and design your own stamp for whatever events, info, or invitations you’re about to announce.

  • Christmas Cards? Put the family portrait on a stamp — or your own Christmas Tree!
  • New baby in the family? Mail out the notifications with baby’s own photo on the stamp.
  • Birthday party? Put the birthday person on the postage stamp.
  • Own your own business? Feature a product on the stamp for your mailers.

I am certain I am leaving out several dozen incredible ideas for these stamps. Your imagination is the limit ….

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  1. I wasn’t aware that you can have your own personalised stamps an the US Postal
    Service will let you. Canada Post wouldn’t let anyone do that here.

    1. Bill — we’ve been printing our own postage for awhile now online. However, I didn’t know we could personalize the stamps until just recently.

  2. I’ve seen a couple of stories about personalized stamps. Not sure I’d want to take the time to do all that. But that’s cause I don’t have need for them right now. But I can think of some odd things…

  3. Snail mail belongs to the past for me ! I send email cards for all different events and those who don’t have a computer I call ! I hate to go to the post office and the snail mail !

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