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Silly Haiku Wednesday — Passion

The theme for this week is: passion.
We’ll call this one:
A teacher’s Mission

Join the fun!

I love the children
Society has cast out
and help them belong.

Yes, I know a proper Haiku is so much more than a 5-7-5 syllable pattern, but I wasn’t invited to do a proper Haiku. I was asked for a silly one, and Jenn explains the concept thusly:

I was recently told by a reader that what we’ve been doing all this time is not so much “Haiku” but “Senryu” because we aren’t specifically discussing nature, and we often inject humour to our works of literary brilliance.

To this I reply, simply; “Don’t care!”

In fact, he’s right. However, I’m not a Haiku purist – and most people, which until that day included me, don’t know and really won’t care to know the difference. What we’re doing is expressing our thoughts and feelings in a format that makes us happy. It tickles our funny bones. It inspires creativity and, more importantly, camaraderie. So really, what we call it is largely irrelevant. But thanks for your opinion.


  1. Nothing silly about this! 🙂

    Your loading problem isn’t fixed on my end. Refresh just doubles the time. I did get to see your answers to the problems yesterday and some of those hang ups (sparks today) show up. I’m going to count how many minutes tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Carletta — the problem script has been moved to the footer of the blog. You should be able to scroll, read and comment even if the page doesn’t fully load.

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