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Cuba Holidays: A World of Experience

Havana Holiday
Cuba Holidays

Since you all have been enjoying my wonderful orchid snapshots, I thought you might like a way to indulge your own camera in this wonderful beauty.   If you wish to take a little Cuban Holiday you can see the legendary flowers of Soroa.  At Soroa  Nursery you can photograph over 10,000 orchids (representing 850 different species of orchid) and immerse yourself in the beautifully tragic love story of Tomas Felipe Camacho and his lovely bride, Pilar Leon.

Create Your Own Havana Nights Experience

Along with glorious love stories, gorgeous beaches, dazzling coral reefs, stunning orchids and incredible jazz, Cuba offers unique dining experiences, affordable luxury shopping and the beauty of both mountains and sea. Click here for invaluable information on planning your  cuba holidays a world of experience adventure.

And even if a Cuba Holiday isn’t currently on your agenda — check out the website anyway.  There is a dazzling wealth of history and culture available on the site.  I spent hours just reading!

Alien Orchid


  1. My mother has fun raising orchids. She treats each plant like a baby and has a running battle with the bulbuls who eat the young and tender buds.

  2. Now cuba is someplace that has never entered my mind to go on vacation… I would have to further research this!

    That flower of yours is very unusual – but for SOME reason it reminds me of a spider! I dunnO!

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