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SWS 10.17.09

Six Word Saturday

I’m speaking in church on Sunday.

My weekend schedule is hectic.  I have a Handbell Choir workshop from 11:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.  On Sunday morning I co-teach Sunday School, then I play with the Handbell Choir during worship; then I have a party at Gigi’s house; and at 5:00 p.m. I am back at church to deliver the message for evening service — after which I will come home and collapse!


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  1. I’m sure you will be inspired by the time Sunday evening comes after such a stimulating weekend – and you will surely sleep well through Sunday night!

    1. Jabblog — my talk is already written. If I waited until Sunday evening while standing in front of the church for a bolt of inspiration, I fear what might come out of my mouth.

  2. Oh Wow! You are a busy lady indeed! I am teaching Sunday school and then I will come home, put my feet up in the recliner, and read the paper and watch the Houston Texans play football and have a little long nap. Our church shuts down in the evening on Sundays.
    When will you find time to read the paper? 🙂

    1. Jim — what is this thing of which you speak — paper? Our local paper is called, “The Honolulu Advertiser” and it’s name pretty much sums up what it values as news. Big sale Sunday ….

  3. Cuba would be an interesting place to visit but I will pass for now. Thanks for the info. In my younger years we couldn’t go but now, …

    1. Jim — if you pass Cuba you have lots of water until you get to the next place ….

      Oh wait, I guess that depends on which way you’re heading. 😉

    1. Dr. John — that’s why I spend a week in prayer and thought. I will share my words in my after-Punny Monday post and you can tell me what you think.

  4. Have a wonderful Sunday, Quilly! I wanted to give a special thank you for taking up a collection of money to help aid with shelter, health care, fresh water and fresh food for the earthquake victims in Indonesia. Bless you all.

  5. I’m blowing off a singing workshop because it’s Wee One’s 5th birthday (got your msgs heehee). We’re doing the family thing today, and Monday I’ve set up a party at a dance studio and invited her kindergarten class (they stagger kindergarten days here – full days every other day, and she goes tues/thurs/alt fridays. It’s stupid.) so they’ll have a terrific time. Sunday will be “paint the basement storage room floor” day. Not looking forward to that! Your weekend sounds a lot more fun. Especially the handbell workshop – nifty!

    1. Jenn — Amoeba goes to choir workshop on the first Saturday of every month. I do not sing in the choir. It is kinder that way. I contribute to the church music ministry by being a ding-a-ling.

      And painting the floor should be really easy — once the room is empty and clean! Just make sure you start painting in the furthest corner to the door, and then paint yourself OUT of the room! 😉

  6. Nooooo, . . . .”after which I will come home and post Punny Monday.” 🙂

    Wow. That made me tired just reading it!

    I played handbells years ago. Middle C & D. Are you one of those ultra high folks that plays two bels in each hand? I tried a time or two and couldn’t keep straight which way to turn my wrist when!

    1. Linda — Punny Monday is securely in my camera awaiting preparation this evening. I did it early because I knew I might be too emotionally exhausted by Sunday Night. Tonight I will prep it for posting.

      I play A4 and G4. I have enough trouble telling my right hand from my left hand without putting more than one bell in them at a time!

  7. WOW! All I had was Luz… and yet…YOU managed all these comments and visits… and I managed nothing! Except playing with Luz!

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