Weekend Reflections

James at Newtown Area Photo has a meme called Weekend Reflections. Many of you are playing, and I decided to join you.  Even if you aren’t playing, be sure to visit James.  He takes incredible photos.

Gazing Ball

I took this photo at Foster Botanical Garden. This feature is very close to the entrance of the garden. Behind me you can see the rest area building and patio, which is kind of sad because it blocks the view to the Lyon Orchid Garden.  FBG is a 13.5 acre garden in the heart of Honolulu.  With the freeway on one side and a very busy major boulevard on the other, it is an oasis of peace surrounded by concrete towers and everyday busy-ness.


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32 thoughts on “Weekend Reflections

  1. It would be great if you could publish a coffee table book full of your color photos! Maybe Bess Press or Mutual Publishing would be interested. Check them out!

    • Kay — next time I visit the garden I will likely be with Jienje, who comments on my blog and will be visiting from Belgium. I am sure we would welcome your joining us.

  2. Hi Quilly, Thanks for adding this nice picture to Weekend Reflections. That looks really cool ,like a crystal ball in the garden. I would love to have a walk around there.

    • James, the ball is actually chrome, but it certainly does resemble crystal. And if you ever get to Oahu, you definitely want to visit the Botanical Gardens — there are several.

  3. I would like a reflecting orb… if only I could ever get something that looked like a garden to grow. Every year I threaten to go to Walmart and buy fake flowers to stick in the ground! One of these days I’ll get up the nerve and DO it! LOL!

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