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Drivetime Comes to Tampa

Drivetime has just opened a new dealership in Tampa, Florida.

Drivetime is the nation’s largest dealership with over 75 locations specializing in selling used cars to people with credit problems. That’s all Drivetime does, and because they’re also the bank, they can get you a car regardless of your credit history.

Eons ago, when I was first divorced, I bought a car from Drivetime.  It was a good car.  I loved it.


    1. Thanks, Love. When I used Drivetime the interest rate was a bit higher than I would have liked, but the sales guy actually helped me look at my income and my outgo and determine how much I could reasonably pay — and he sent me away for about three months to pay off a couple of bills and save money. Looking at these complaints makes me think they must have changed.

  1. I’d never heard of them but a dealership like this would have come in handy this past summer. My daughter needed a car but is only nineteen, with no credit history–she’s a good kid willing to make her payments, and needing a car to go to work in, but stuck because of being too ‘unknown’.

    1. a dealership like this would have come in handy

      NOT. Add to the typically shady tactics of the used-car seller the inexperience and stresses of the customers being targeted, and you have a recipe for inflated prices, shoddy products, and extortionate lending rates and practices. A customer is pretty much at the mercy of the good will, if any, of the management at the specific location, and the seller encountered at that location. I have to believe that there are better options.

    2. Susan — I would have said yes had Amoeba not found a website full of complaints. It sounds like Drivetime might not be as reputable as it once was.

      1. Weighing against my critique is the nature of most of the complaints. Namely, that Drivetime comes after you with nuclear weapons if you’re late on a payment.


        Drivetime’s entire customer base consists of people who have been late on payments (or who have never been given the opportunity to make any). And they’re still in business, indeed they’re prospering, so they must know how to get these people to pay their bills.

        Gestapo tactics are unpleasant, but they work. That’s how come all the crime families use them. And I don’t see how folk who, um, have trouble making payments on time have any business expecting any other kind of treatment.

        1. I was only late with my payments a couple of times — usually when they fell on the weekend and I forgot to pay on Friday. The fines were hefty and painful — a strong deterrent to being late. I never received a rude phone call or any threats, but I would get a reminder on the phone that my payment was now overdue and penalties were accruing.

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