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Golden Shrimp Plant

Gypsy Lala wants to see what it is you see in your neighborhood. Take a photo and share it with her!

Shrimp Plant

Pachystachys lutea — also known as the Lollipop Plant — is a sub-tropical evergreen shrub. These plants have intrigued me since my first day in Hawaii. They can be found in small planters as patio plants, or growing free as huge bushes. Aren’t they incredible looking?


  1. That’s the niftiest looking thing! Before the photo loaded I liked the name Lollipop Plant best, but now I’m seeing shrimp! The flowers look like they would make good puppets—do they smell nice?

  2. These ARE fascinating. They do look like orange lollipops. Wonderful photo! You mentioned moving. Are you moving to Washington State? (I’ve been out of the loop.) I’ve never been to Hawaii and want to go. How long have you lived in Hawaii? I hope your moving plans go well.

  3. It looks like some of the plants on the island of Hawaii’ look very familiar to me. In this part of the world, they’re sold as indoor plants.

    1. Jientje — I’d never previously seen one of these, but Amoeba says they are quite common elsewhere as house plants and this is one of the few places they grow out-of-doors.

  4. Those a nice. I can’t grow them for nothing. I’ve killed everyone I touched…Don’t call me Mr. Green Thumb or Green Jeans LOL

  5. It’s called a shrimp plant and a lollipop plant? It doesn’t look like either to me. But it is unique and intriguing. The second flower from the left looks sort of like an angel.

  6. lovely plant, is the form the only reason they call it the “lollipop” plant?
    indigenous plants are amazing in ever region

  7. Your lollipop plant reminds me of the lipstick plant. I do not know the technical name for the lipstick plant, but many red blooms grow out of the center, making it look like tiny tubes of lipstick. I have one in my kitchen.

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