Free Cell Phone Games!

This plain, no frills website from Mobi offers free cell phone games — and a huge list of all-time favorites are here.  You do not have to be a Mobi customer to enjoy! Go to the website, choose your phone model and start picking out games.

Mahjong, Spider Solitaire, Soduku, Bublex,
FreeCell,Black Metal, Absorbed, Speed Demon,
Swords of Fury, Arcade Park, Furby, Bubble Pop,
Snake, Hearts, Poker, Black Jack, Infiltrator,
Graffiti War, Golk, X-Bike, Skateboard Street Fighters,
Bjaja Buggy, Speed Racer, Zombie Attack

and many, many more!


Mobile virtual pets:
dog, cat, fish, dragon, panda — and more!

And Free applications:
news feeder, biorhytms chart, password safe, astrology signs,  etc.

All games are 100% free of charge from Mobi, but Mobi does want to make certain you understand that your cellphone service provider will apply whatever fees they normally do to downloads.  Also, if you do not have unlimited air time, if you play a net game, your cell phone company will apply their standard airtime charges.  If you have unlimited service, then games and play time are wholly free.

Even though I don’t have unlimited service this will still work for me.  I usually only play games on Sundays while awaiting the end of choir practice [Amoeba is in choir.]. I have free weekend minutes so I could play to my heart’s content.

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