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Good-Afternoon Buoys & Gulls

While driving down the urban street leading to their home, He and She paused behind a pickup.  The vehicle stopped and a teenager emerged. He opened the gate to the nearest driveway and the truck pulled in.  She said to He, “Look, that guy has a boy to operate his gate.  I want you to get a gate boy for our yard.”

He said, “But if I get a buoy, I have to get a gull.”

She said, “And why would that be?”

He said, “I don’t know, but one never sees a buoy without a gull.  It must be a requirement.”

She said, “Okay,” and pointed.  “Look there’s already a gull in our driveway.”

He said, “Can’t be.”

She said, “Fine, it’s a Ringneck Dove, but it could have been a gull.”

He said, “No, it couldn’t.  Hawaii doesn’t have gulls.”

She said, “And why doesn’t Hawaii have gulls?”

He said, “Because Hawaii is not a gender equity state.”


As usual, He got the last word and She got the gate.


        1. There you go, love, robin me of my punchline. I think you’ve just broken the cardinal rule of partner blogging, besides which you’re driving me stork raving mad.

    1. Jientje — sometimes we go several days without such an exchange, some days we speak in nothing but puns. This has been a very punny week.

    1. Susan — you know who assigned me the job. 😉 I should dove seen it coming before I signed the lease on a gated property.

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