Let’s Go To The Beach, Boys!

Amoeba and I spent the last couple of daylight hours  Saturday afternoon at Makapuu Beach. Click on the music, it’ll put you in the mood for viewing my pics.  The day was a bit hazy, sorry.  Blame the volcano.

Makapuu Lighthouse

Makapuu Lighthouse


Heading Out

Surf 1

Catch the Wave

surf 2

Riding In

Surf 4

Up & Ready

surf 5

Easy Rider


Wipe Out!


Cresting the Wave


Run For Shore


Get Ready


High Jump


Looking Good




Flying Low!


A Gentle Curve


Slowing Down


Aye, Aye, Cap'n Nemo!

Makapuu Lighthouse

Sunset at Makapuu Beach

This is sunset from the sunrise side of the island.


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49 thoughts on “Let’s Go To The Beach, Boys!

  1. How fun Q. These photos are just stunning 🙂 You should have dropped by the house on your way home. You could have gloated and I could have pfffft back LOL Well done Boise State. Stunning photos my friend.

    • Betty — although I will still have beaches in Washington State, there won’t be any surfing. I am certain I will miss scenes like this, too.

  2. Oh wow! I love that photo of the orange sand in front of that gorgeous blue ocean. My son would be so jealous looking at your photos. He loves to surf when he visits from New Mexico.

  3. “Blame the volcano” — line of my day!

    My daughter once went to adventure camp during the summer, where they did rock climbing and surfing — in Donegal. Our summer temps are in the 60’s; the kids had to wear wetsuits. But they had a great time! I imagine it would be somewhat better in your weather however—

  4. THAT was fun! I am jealous! I’m fighting fleas and you’re watchin’ DUDES surf! What am I doing wrong with my life??? LOL! Jientje is going to have sO much fun with you!

  5. Cueing the music was perfect! But I ran out of photos before I ran out of music! WAhh!

    Did that one dude have a huge tattoo over one shoulder? Wow!

    Those surfers are amazing. Such dexterity and balance. Even 10 years ago I would have tried it, but I’m not so sure now!

    • Kelley — you obviously didn’t linger long enough over each photo. Yes, that dude had a tattoo that covered his whole shoulder. For a Hawaiian, that is considered a small tattoo. And I am certain I never had the grace or coordination to succeed at surfing, no matter what age I might have started at!

  6. Your photos are awesome! I especially like the one of the surfer doing the jump with the surf board in the air! We just don’t have waves like that here on the East coast. Looks like a nice relaxing day for you and Amoeba.

  7. Wonderful pictures Quilly, loved the Lighthouse and Sunset picture. The Guys with their surfboards looked like they were having fun. I could almost hear the Ocean crashing against the shore.

    Thank you for sharing.

    Sorry I havent’ been by lately, had a Busy Weekend, with Saturday and Sunday ending up the early shift at 0600 and not having much time for the computer when I was done.

      • Bill — it is probably because it never occurred to you or Melli that there might be girl surfers – -and the girl wasn’t doing anything spectacular, so she didn’t call for your attention.

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