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Shop.Com From the Comfort of Your Home

Only 61 more shopping days until Christmas.  I know you all wanted to hear that!  Here’s something else you want to hear — Shop.Com will help you save money on your Christmas shopping. What are you shopping for? Perfume, jewelry, CDs, DVDs or even Elmo tickle hands — just plug it into the search bar at Shop.Com and within seconds you’ll have price comparisons from all of your favorite stores.

For instance, I was looking at the Disney Princess Pix Micro Digital Camera today at Costco, but Shop.Com just showed me that Walgrens has it cheaper (even if I order it online!) and I don’t have to go stand in any crowded crazy-making stores! I detest shopping because of the crowds, but until Shop.Com, that’s what I had to do to get the best prices. Now I just click a mouse and then wait for the mail.


  1. Kay, for us Christmas is NOT about presents so we do very little shopping. The mall crowds and the greediness of the whole shopping experience is a major turn off to me, so I like to get stuff online.

  2. I am nowhere NEAR ready to think about Christmas! Not even CLOSE! Can rePost this on Black Friday? I’ll be HOME that day — shopping on line!

  3. I’m going here. I’m still looking for the satin sheets I want. (Yes, I always did have to learn things the hard way.) 😀

  4. Ummmm … Chicko, you don’t have an embedded link to the How are you supposed to get the credit? 😉 I’ll wait to go over there until I hear back from you.

    1. Cherie — there are TWO embedded links that will both take you to, but it doesn’t matter because this isn’t a pay-per-click post. I will receive a flat rate for this post. Click or type in the search bar, it matters not to my pocket. Thanks for caring though!

      1. I didn’t realize that the products took you too the website. I didn’t even check because I’m not exactly in the market for those things, as it were. LOL 🙂 Thanks for letting me know.

        1. Cherie– I figured that’s what happened. I even wondered as I made the post if that wouldn’t happen, but I used the links the advertiser requested.

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