Gift Cards: One Size Fits All!

I love buying gifts for people I know well.  If I spend any time with a person at all I can usually get them the exact right gift.  I listen to what people say.  I take note of what pleases them.  Buying gifts for my friends and loved ones is no problem at all.

However — there’s always a “however” when it comes to gift giving — those “obligatory” gifts always trip me up.  What do I get for the professional people in my life that I have to acknowledge but don’t really know outside of a business context?  Gift cards!

Gift Cards are easy gifts.  I don’t have to know exactly what sports Joe likes, I just have to know Joe likes sports.  He gets a gift card for the Sports Fan Warehouse.   And Julia is a QVC fanatic so a QVC gift card is great.

Also, a couple of my friends have teenagers. These are kids I only know to nod at because they never take their earphones out of their ears and actually speak. Even so, I know exactly what to get them — iTunes gift cards.  That’ll keep their heads bobbing so I can visit with their mom.

Seriously, buying gift cards is one stop shopping and there are not packages to wrap and hide. Just get those cute little gift card envelopes and keep everything in your wallet until it’s time to pass them out. Gift cards are easy to send through the mail, too.   No trudging to the post office and standing in line or paying horrid shipping and handling prices. Just tuck the gift card in the envelope with your Christmas card, slap a stamp on it and toss it in the mailbox.

You know there’s only 37 more shopping days until Christmas, right?  Check out Shop.Com for gift cards and other Christmas gift giving ideas.

Thanksgiving at Our House

Because we have the largest abode, Thanksgiving will be at our house again this year.  OJM says she is bringing the turkey.  She hasn’t told me yet what I am providing.  I am not quite certain who else is coming, but the door will be open and the table will be set — sort of.

Actually, Amoeba and I are pretty light on possessions.  Somehow we knew our stay in Hawaii would be “short time” and we didn’t collect too much.  So, every time we have a get-together we eat off paper plates.  That’s why I have been looking at Paula Deen Dinnerware sets and dreaming of serving my guests on real plates.

Another thing I always miss when we have large gathering is my Mini Slow Cooker. I used to have a couple of them and they are great for keeping the side dishes piping hot.  Of course, I still have my full-sized slow cooker, but I doubt we will have any 6 quart side dishes!

Even though I won’t have these wonderful conveniences for this holiday season, I have bookmarked so once we’re back on the mainland, I can stock my kitchen.  I have many recipes I haven’t cooked in ages just because I’ve not had the tools that make doing so easy.   This holiday season if you are looking for something and don’t want to pay any more for it than absolutely necessary, be sure to check out the comparison shopping feature at

New Bedding

So, Jientje is here.  When I invited her to come and visit us, I told her we had a spare room.  That was the truth.  What I didn’t tell her was that it had neither bed, nor bedding!  We keep Amoeba’s many musical instruments in that room.  So, the music had to move to the living room, and we needed bed and bedding.

You know we’re about to move, so I didn’t want to go decorating this house, only to have whatever we got not “fit” in our next home.   Also, we didn’t want to buy a bedroom suite just to move it across the ocean.  We bought an air-bed for Jientje to sleep on.  It is not just a little mattress on the floor.  This thing inflates to a full sized bed complete with headboard.

Next I needed to “dress” the bed.  You all know by now that I am an internet shopper.   I went to SHOP.COM and checked out bedding sets.  Here in Hawaii we don’t much need heavy comforters.  I wanted light, comfortable, lovely sheets and a light blanket to match, and they needed to be attractive enough that no bedspread would be necessary.

I settled on rich, chocolate-colored, satiny-cotton, tuxedo-striped sheets and a matching light-weight knitted cotton blanket.  I made up the bed and waited anxiously for Jientje’s verdict.  Thankfully, she declared the bed very comfortable and the sheets, “perfect”.

Shop.Com From the Comfort of Your Home

Only 61 more shopping days until Christmas.  I know you all wanted to hear that!  Here’s something else you want to hear — Shop.Com will help you save money on your Christmas shopping. What are you shopping for? Perfume, jewelry, CDs, DVDs or even Elmo tickle hands — just plug it into the search bar at Shop.Com and within seconds you’ll have price comparisons from all of your favorite stores.

For instance, I was looking at the Disney Princess Pix Micro Digital Camera today at Costco, but Shop.Com just showed me that Walgrens has it cheaper (even if I order it online!) and I don’t have to go stand in any crowded crazy-making stores! I detest shopping because of the crowds, but until Shop.Com, that’s what I had to do to get the best prices. Now I just click a mouse and then wait for the mail.