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Makapuu Blow Hole

When a wave hits the mountain, it forces water up through a hole in the lava.  There is no pattern to the blow.  One never knows how high the plume will be or how long it will last.  I missed a couple dozen of them trying for the perfect shot.  This isn’t it, but it’s the best I’ve got.

Makapuu Blow Hole

This scene played out right below the light house, which you can see here, Let’s Go to The Beach, Boys, along with some surfing pics.


    1. Barbara — it is at the bottom of a cliff. If you managed to get near it you most likely would be beyond any more surprises — ever. 😉

  1. Beautiful! I witnessed a blow hole at Grand Cayman islands a few years ago. I have some great photos of me standing next to it. It is sometimes hard to capture those “action shots”!

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