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Have You Ever …

A meme I “lifted” from Barbara’s Stray Thoughts and confiscated for my own.

Have You Ever …….

Been pulled over? Yes.  No tickets though, even when I deserved them.  If one is calm, polite, and admits one is an idiot and doesn’t get upset at the nice officer doing his job, said nice officer is often so pleased at not being yelled at or cried on that verbal rebuke is given rather than a ticket.

Dyed your hair? Are you kidding?  I have no idea what my original color even is!

Pulled an all-nighter? Of course.

Fallen down in public? Which time?

Broken a bone? My own?  No.

Had braces? On my wrist, not my teeth.

Built something out of wood? Yeah, kindling.  Unfortunately I was trying to build a bookcase.

Been to Disneyland? Yes, many times, but not since 1978.

Eaten a Krispy Kreme donut? Yes.  Ho hum.

Screamed during a scary movie? Nope.  The witch from the Wizard of Oz scares me.  I don’t “do” scary movies!

Been to a professional sporting event? Nascar.

Slept till noon? What kid hasn’t?

Been arrested? No.

Opened Christmas presents early? As in before it was sanctioned?  Once.  It made for a flat Christmas and now I never peek at presents.

Rolled down a hill? Of course.  I even did it on purpose once.

Toilet papered someone’s house? Nope.

Laughed so hard you cried? Of course.

Gotten seasick? Nope.  Car sick, though.

Shared a sucker with your dog? NO!  I know where he licks!  Ugh.

Been in an accident? Many.  My middle name is Clumsy.  Car accident?  One, not my fault.  Motorcycle accident?  One, not my fault.

Ridden in a limo? No.

Had a pet fish? Yes.

Been ice skating? Yes.

Locked your keys in the car? Yes.

Ridden a horse? Seven times I have been on a horse.  Seven times I have fallen off.


  1. 1. Yes. Same as Q. Though my gender doesn’t have the option of crying.
    2. No. Though a look at the top of my head suggests I’ve killed some.
    3. Yes.
    4. Literally or metaphorically?
    5. Yes – but it was the last joint of my left little finger, so it hardly counts.
    6. No.
    7. Yes. It was a wood-framed mirror, made in 8th grade. It survived another 35 years.
    8. No. And since I found out that the Disney CEO makes more in a day than the POTUS makes in a year, I ain’t goin’ to.
    9. Dunkin’ Donuts. Please.
    10. Don’t do scary movies. Pretty much don’t do movies at all.
    11. Very rarely. A couple of baseball games, an ice hockey game.
    12. Wish I could now.
    13. No.
    14. Not that I recall.
    15. Sledding down a hill is more fun.
    16. No.
    17. Yes.
    18. Yes. Paradoxically, I can’t sail on an empty stomach. Feed me and I’m OK.
    19. No.
    20. Please. The dog would suffer.
    21. Yes. Couple of times in a car and one in a bus. Fortunately nothing major, nothing due to my own recklessness or stupidity (even a blind pig …)
    22. Yep.
    23. Had my way, I’d panel the house with aquaria. But the wallet says no.
    24. Well, objectively you might call it that. My father wouldn’t. But then, I was my father’s bane (couldn’t throw a ball, books, botany, snakes!).
    25. What car?
    26. Fell off a pony at age 5. Never tried it again.

      1. Linda, technically, I didn’t break anyone else’s bones, either, but a line drive to center field did remove the pitchers top, front, supposedly permanent teeth. Who knew he wouldn’t duck?

  2. I love the creative twists of your answers!

    I LOVE Krispy Kreme — especially when the “Hot Donuts Now” sign is on. I don’t like them from the grocery store as much as direct from the bakery.

    I had a similar experience with presents — I didn’t open them but I did notice I could see through the wrapping paper. So when no one was around I looked at all my stuff. And then Christmas morning was so disappointing because all the surprise and suspense was gone. I learned my lesson but good.

    1. Barbara, I realize that this sounds all wrong, but I don’t much like donuts at all (however I do quite like the cremes they stuff in them and most of the frostings they slather on them). And I was left home alone for two days with the Christmas tree and all the presents. I carefully unwrapped and re-wrapped all of my presents. As you discovered, too, Christmas morning held no anticipation or surprise. It did hold a very important lesson though.

  3. I have always dyed my hair, my normal color is a dull blond. But the idea of toilet paper a house, I like. I have to think about a victim now.
    One of my cats has done it, though !

  4. hahaha, rolled down a hill “on purpose”! Cracked me up! You sound like my daughter who is also a “wee bit” clumsy…. 🙂
    I liked reading this!

  5. I think I’m gonna repeat myself, but I really do like your sense of humor. No. 1 should be kept in our minds: being calm and polite might bring us a long way 🙂

  6. So many things came to mind as I read this, Quilly. Including, but not limited to: have you ever driven a motorcycle, or just been on the back? I sure am glad I didn’t fall off every time I’ve ridden horses… numbers in the hundreds or more. I sure miss having horses in my life, and friends to ride with. Turning to motorcycle riding instead, lol.

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