Protea Neriifolia

I don’t know who gave this gorgeous and exotic flower such a weird and geeky name.   Look at that blossom!  The flowers look and feel like feathers!  They are soft and silky and delicate!  I probably would have named this one something feathery and flighty!  What would you name it?

Protea Neirfolia

See, exquisite, aren’t they?

Protea Neirfolia

Your mission, should you deem to accept it, is the give these flowers a better name! Leave your answers in the comments.

27 thoughts on “Protea Neriifolia

  1. Quilly Quilly Quilly…there is only one name for that and it’s Protea. I’ve always loved them and the name as well. Why mess with a good thing. 🙂

  2. It reminds me of an old-fashioned feathered hat. It looks like a fuzzy pineapple or as Gigi says a feather duster.
    Not good with names so I’ll so with Thom. 🙂
    It is very pretty – pro-tea – ha!

  3. Kay — possibly. I am not very knowledgeable about orchids. This flower arrangement was on the altar at church. I just had to take pictures of the feathered protea.

  4. Feather blessings

    Only because we have a parakeet and the tiny downy feathers remind me of her…oops, gotta go get the hand vac to scoop some more up. Hopefully these don’t moult like she does!

  5. I am so enjoying all of your exotic flowers you have been showing us! This one looks like it should be called “violet wish flower”. It reminds me of the texture of a dried up dandelion. We used to pick them as kids and say, “make a wish”, as we blew the feathery petals all over the grass. It also reminds me of the silk that comes out of a cat tail plant.

  6. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet (The Bard)

    still, it looks gorgeous, and to name a plant with a blossom like this after oleander leaves hardly shows any imagination

    • Polona – -that’s exactly what I told Amoeba! I was all like, “Oleander Leaves?! Oleander leaves don’t look anything like this!” Even so, Amoeba tells me these things are cousins — and what does it matter what we call it? Shakespeare was right..

  7. It’s a lovely photo, such an exotic blossom framed by the smaller yellow ones! I love it.

    But that flower looks like a chicken butt to me. If we still had hens I’d go take a photo to show you, but seriously…

    Chicken Butt.

    • LOL! Despite growing up around chickens, I have never looked closely at one’s butt. I think I’ll just keep it that way and take your word for it. Chicken’s Butt it is.

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