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New Bedding

So, Jientje is here.  When I invited her to come and visit us, I told her we had a spare room.  That was the truth.  What I didn’t tell her was that it had neither bed, nor bedding!  We keep Amoeba’s many musical instruments in that room.  So, the music had to move to the living room, and we needed bed and bedding.

You know we’re about to move, so I didn’t want to go decorating this house, only to have whatever we got not “fit” in our next home.   Also, we didn’t want to buy a bedroom suite just to move it across the ocean.  We bought an air-bed for Jientje to sleep on.  It is not just a little mattress on the floor.  This thing inflates to a full sized bed complete with headboard.

Next I needed to “dress” the bed.  You all know by now that I am an internet shopper.   I went to SHOP.COM and checked out bedding sets.  Here in Hawaii we don’t much need heavy comforters.  I wanted light, comfortable, lovely sheets and a light blanket to match, and they needed to be attractive enough that no bedspread would be necessary.

I settled on rich, chocolate-colored, satiny-cotton, tuxedo-striped sheets and a matching light-weight knitted cotton blanket.  I made up the bed and waited anxiously for Jientje’s verdict.  Thankfully, she declared the bed very comfortable and the sheets, “perfect”.


  1. No PICTURES??? You gotta be kiddin’ me! But – I HAVE slept on those beds – and they ARE comfortable! (and adjustable for firm or soft!) I do think it was your perfect solution!

  2. Yay!
    We had the same problem going to West Virginia; we had a house to stay in but NO BEDS! So we bought airbeds for everyone for the summer, and they worked fine; they’ve certainly come a long way.

    When we’re in better financial shape someday, I’ll spoil myself rotten with beautiful bedding. I love it!

  3. ..
    I vote for pictures of the bed and of Jientjes. Oh yes, we did get Ellie, big time! She is huge (NOT). Does she always go out with you? Our daughter took her ‘Doggie Duke’ with her every place until she was fairly old. Fifth grade maybe.
    So Amoeba is in Houston now. You know that we are in Houston, about fifty miles north of the Post Office. Or in other words a 45 minute drive. Our town is Montgomery. We are in the process of tearing out house up for Monday new floors in the living room, the dining room, and Mrs. Jim’s music room. He could have helped carry some of our junk upstairs.

    There is a cute little (and popular) Greek Restaurant we like here over on Montrose. It is called Niko Niko’s. They have standing room only eating at lunch time. Anyway, their Greek salad is soooooo good, your picture made me hungry. Next time I’m there I will look for pizza on the menu. We can’t leave now though because there still is stuff to get out of the rooms to be floored.

    And next time Amoeba comes to Houston you come with him. We have a nice guest room that will be unloaded after the floors downstairs are finished. We have sheets, if you are like Janet Jackson and Jientje we will even buy you new sheets for it. I WILL NOT change out the toilette for you, I draw the line there.
    .. 🙂

    1. Jim — Ella lives here: Insanity Prevails. She travels all over and has many adventures. This is her second visit to Hawaii.

      If you are interested in Having Ella come visit you, check out Melli’s blog and tell her Quilly sent you.

  4. What a great idea, all of you and Jientje have fun. Was just at Thom’s and saw the pictures. Ella’s second visit to the Islands, didn’t she try to kindle a romance on her last visit??

    1. Bill — no romance for Ella here, although a little human boy fell in love with her. Her romance was at Dr. John’s with his grand-elephant.

  5. And I’m sure your guest was quite comfortable! We swear by aero beds over here. We’ve got a couple here at ye olde homestead, and each of my girls has one, too. I’ve never heard of one with an inflatable headboard, though…

    1. Melissa — this is not your standard air-bed. This is the luxury model and is about 28 inches tall. It has a “box spring”, a mattress and a “headboard”.

  6. I love your idea of an air bed and the sheets and blanket. The main thing is whether she slept well or did the excitement of being in Hawaii keep her awake.

    ALOOOOOHAAA from gigi-hawaii!

    1. Gigi — she had been in 4 different time zones in less than a week and was hyper excited. We stayed up until 3:30 a.m., and then she was up again after a three hour nap. She had plenty of rest, me not so much!

  7. Sounds like Queen Elizabeth’s bedroom ! I bed Jientje sleeps well everywhere as long as she has her camera with her. BTW where are the pictures of this lovely guest room ???

    1. Betty — I am not taking photos of Jientje’s room now that she has moved in. I will get some when the room is once again in my possession.

    1. Kay — right after graduation, I moved across country to take my first teaching job and my old bed wasn’t worth the expense of moving so for the first several months I slept on an air mattress. I might have used it even longer had the cat I “babysat” not sharpened her claws on it.

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