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Moroccan Salad, Greek Pizza, One Ella Phlint & a Belgian Bombshell

Jientje and Ellie are here! Thom and I picked them up at the airport, then we headed to California Pizza Kitchen at Kahala Mall for a bite to eat.

Moroccan Salad
Moroccan Salad

This is the CPK Moroccan Salad. Thom & I shared it. We both liked it better last time we ordered it. Thom says they changed the recipe.


Greek Pizza
Greek Pizza

Thom & I also shared this lovely Greek pizza. We offered some to Jientje, but she was content with her own order.


Ella & Jimi
Ella Phlint with Jimi

Ellie got into Jientje’s Cape Cod, donned Thom’s glasses, and flirted outrageously with Jimi, our waiter.


Belgian Bombshell

Jientje had Thai Shrimp wraps. They must have been yummy because she ate every bite and declined to share our salads & pizza with us.


Jientje is sleeping peacefully and I am soon headed for bed.  If you are wondering why Amoeba isn’t in this little party, it’s because he is in Houston at a thrilling and exciting business meeting.  He flew out about 24 hours before Jientje flew in.  He’ll be back late Monday.

Now, I might be a little scarce for awhile.  Be patient.  I’ll be back with TONS of photos!


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend is to start! Hope you enjoy each other´s company. The food looks great. Made me HUNGRY!! 🙂

  2. I am so glad she made it in one piece this time! Hehehehe
    You guys will take good care of my big sister, right!
    Have lots of fun!
    Big hug,

    Jientjes little sister

  3. So **jealous**. I want to be on vacation……if only. So glad you were able to hook up and I wish you all a wonderful time together. Ella hasn’t changed. We sure do miss her. She seemed to draw alot of attention while she was visiting us. Hope she behaves.

  4. I know I already had MY turn — but I wish sooooooooo much I was WITH you guys! I know you will have a blast! And I will keep up with Thom until you can post! I’ll be patient… I promise! *crosses fingers behind back*

  5. Ella is cute with her little glasses.

    If Jientje is game, I’d love for you or Thom to post a video of her so we can hear her Belgian accent. Do other nationalities have the fascination for accents that Americans do?

    I’m looking forward to future posts!

  6. First of all a thousand thanks to you for all your friendship and love for my Jientje.
    She is really having the time of her live and I enjoy every picture I see about things you both are doing.
    Enjoy the time you can spend together and enjoy these unique moments of life.
    I’m anxious to read and see the coming fun that I wish you both.
    Ivan (the man and the cat)

    1. Ivan — we borrowed a portable computer from Thom and got Jientje on our Wifi, so you should be seeing photos from her soon, too.

  7. Glad that everyone is where they are supposed to be, safe and sound. (Relatively speaking, of course.) 😉 Looks like you had a wonderful time. *waves at Jientje*

  8. I am happy that she arrived without problem and please give her a big kiss from me !
    The weather is horrible here, so she probably will enjoy her stay double or triple, lol !
    I escape this cold and wind on Sunday when I fly to Egypt at the red sea for 2 weeks just for sea, sun and sand ?? I take my baby computer with me to stay tuned !
    Have a lot of fun together you both (bad girls !)

  9. This is Thom: Anyone reading this. These two women are keeping me so busy. I haven’t had time to even read a post or make comments. I will though. And to make matters worse I’m shipping one of my cars to my niece in Washington and that has taken all morning. Ella wants her coconut bra and grass skirt and keeps saying let’s go let’s go. Try and get three women moving all at once …. It’s a real challenge 🙂

  10. Wow, this all sounds so wonderful !! It’s so cool that you meet on the internet through blogging, then get to meet in real life. This happened to me a couple years ago. Claire came over from Scotland to visit friends in the Kootenays so I went over there to visit a friend of mine in the same area. I was planning to go visit Cam anyway, but chose that particular time to do so in order to meet Claire. I also got to meet another gal too that I’d talked to by blog and we’ve lost touch since then. She lived in the Kootenays then moved shortly after I’d been there. Both ladies were awesome to meet and I’d love to see them both again. Have a most wonderful time.

  11. I haven’t been gone that long and I see I’ve missed a bunch of posts with your new guest. The food looks terrific. You’re being such excellent hosts.

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