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5.11 Tactical Vest

5.11 Tactical Vest

I have my eye on this 5.11 Tactical vest for Amoeba.  When we get to Friday Harbor he will be out and about checking the tide pools on a regular basis.  When he checks the tide pools he carries all kinds of science-y paraphernalia.  He also carries a satchel and a backpack to tote stuff in, then complains because he either has to constantly take the backpack on and off, or his hands aren’t free.

I’m thinking that with this vest, he will have plenty of pockets to carry his cell phone, glasses, sample cases, hand lens, and other assorted tools.  Everything would be right there within easy reach.  No more taking the backpack on and off, or trekking back and forth from the tide pools to whatever dry ground he left the back pack on.

Check out this video.  I think the vest will carry even more stuff then the backpack!  I cracked up laughing when the guy pulled the soda out.

The vest comes in khaki, black or green.  It wouldn’t be all that different from wearing the backpack, but it would be a whole lot easier to get in and out of while wearing it.  Not only that, it would provide added warmth.  But the biggest selling point for me is that, unlike Amoeba’s big backpack,  when the vest starts smelling fishy, I can toss it in the washer.

You know, I think I like this idea so much I may just get him two of them!


  1. My dad used to have something similar for trap shooting…l think i have it here someplace – looks like a great idea – only now it won’t be a surprise!

    1. Shellly — I won’t buy it if he doesn’t want it. When things are this expensive we don’t do the “surprise” thing unless we’re 100% certain it’s a want or need.

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