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Three Word Thursday #36

Welcome to Three Word Thursday #36.  If you enjoy reading my story, leave a comment then click on the names of the other players and go see how they used these bygone words. You’ll be entertained (and possibly educated) all at once.

The Words:

confabulation: conversation, discussion; constructed memory
pudify: cause to be ashamed
rimestock: an almanac written in runes

Mea Culpa

I would like to tell you a grand confabulation about flying with dragons and deciphering ancient wisdom from a rimestock, but instead I am going to pudify myself and admit I never got this week’s installment of Strawberry Fife written.  My most humble apologies.


The 3WT #37 words will be:  aretaloger; kexy; & gardeviance
Got it? Good! In that case: Your story is due on: November 19th, 2009


  1. And I came first of all to read another wonderful chapter. But I do not wish to pudify you even more.
    My hitonious confabulation is now posted.
    But second I read in an ancient rimestock that you were destined to win a book the Fortress.

    1. Dr. John — I wish I had you sense right now. I sure could use a “grown up” because I’m feeling very lost and helpless.

      Thank you for the book. I shall come & see.

  2. ..
    I don’t blame you, Quilly, it’s okay. So just you work on next week’s.
    These words will never fit into my small vocabulary space. How about some more pictures of Ella? 🙂

  3. Hardly pudifying! –your posting continues as delightful as ever. As for Strawberry Fife… shall we just call this an intermission then? …and I’m off to get my coke and popcorn for the rest.

    1. Susan — intermission. Yes. And I was so looking forward to my next installment. Things are just getting exciting in Strawberry Fife!

    1. Mama Zen — good for you. More than a few of my obsolete word finds have made their way into our conversations on days that aren’t 3WT related.

      1. Too true, Quilly. I am getting back into blogging after several months away, so am also coming to visit you more again. I will soon be catching up with all these things you are posting. I’m glad to be back.

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