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The Balsams, New Hampshire

I need a vacation.  My stress level is a bit over the top right now and I seriously need some quiet time.  So, as you’ve all asked before, if one lives in Hawaii, where does one go on vacation?

I think I would love to go to The Balsams.  I am wanting to enjoy some beautiful fall foliage (Hawaii has none) and I saw a photo online which made me Google, hotel New Hampshire. Mr. Google referred me to a dazzling resort set in the rugged New Hampshire Mountains.

The Balsams has a family focused atmosphere.  I liked the idea of a peaceful place with gorgeous paths and natural beauty.  It will be so nice to go somewhere there is no concrete and sit alongside a huge, peaceful lake and just rest.  Or, if I felt like a bit of exercise I could rent a boat, or a mountain bike or just take a hike along one of the trails.  Of course there is golf for Amoeba.  I could never plan a vacation without including his favorite activity, too.  Another feature sure to please Amoeba, who as you know is a natural scientist, is that The Balsams run on alternative energy and are the only 4-star resort I know of to do so.

The Balsams also boast world-class tennis, unforgettable snow-skiing (seasonal, of course) and horseback riding.  The resort itself just oozes old-world charm.  On top of that, it provides an award winning, 4-star dining experience featuring 5 course meals in an elegant setting.  Live entertainment is provided as well.

I was ready to check into this place just after looking at the photos up on the web.  If you’re headed for New Hampshire anytime soon and looking for a place to stay, check out The Balsams.  If you’re looking for a vacation spot and haven’t made specific plans yet, check out The Balsams. This 8,000-acre property boasts something fro everyone!


  1. Personally I think you should take a vacation to Maryland… but our fall foliage is just about done. And it has poured rain for the last two days — with one more to go — and I’m not complaining – I’ve actually been LOVING it … but there won’t be any foliage left by tomorrow… except the evergreens. But… there’s a lot to be said for my area even when it’s naked! However… I might not be exactly the “calming” influence you’re looking for.

  2. Well, if you come to Maryland to see Melli, I’m very close by like a 1/2 hr to an hr away in a neighboring state. However, northern foliage is spectacular and cannot compare to ours. Gem and I have been to the Poconos in PA, spent many years in states like Maine, VT, NH, MA and it’s breathtaking! (You did read our skiing story but that was winter in the White Mts. The reds are incredible. Thanks for this review.

  3. New Hampshire rocks. Check out the White Mountain National Park and the Kangamangus Highway — it has some really nice views. Moutains aren’t as high as the Rockies, but I like ’em. There’s the pricey yet gorgeous Mt. Washington Hotel also, and tax-free shopping at the outlets in North Conway. Crawford or Franconia Notch are also good places to check out for scenery and photography. Just look out for the Moose while driving 😉

    1. MsS — I can tell by the reader response that New Hampshire is a favorite fall color place. I received a lot of links to many great places!

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