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Have you ever ridden a TerraTrike? I understand that they are World’s most comfortable bikes.  Amoeba and I have seen a couple of them tooling up Kalaniana’ole Highway here in Hawaii Kai.  I have been contemplating getting a bicycle when we move to Friday Harbor and I’m thinking one of these might be just the thing.

You already know that Amoeba commutes to work daily on his bicycle, 8 miles one way!  Being an natural scientist he is always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  My getting a bike would cut down even further in our use of the car, but it has been over 30 years since I rode a two wheeler!

The TerraTrikes are 3-wheeled recumbent vehicles and are supposed to be the most comfortable bikes made.  They are also chiropractor endorsed.  And I can tell just by looking that the seat is a whole lot more comfortable than anything that one might find on a standard bicycle!

TerraTrike is part of the energy solution.   WizWheelz strives to give more back to the planet than they take from it and are committed to making the world a better place.  It would do us all good to subscribe to that life philosophy and live it.

The WizWheelz philosophy says it better than I can:

“WizWheelz is committed to producing quality human powered vehicles and products that are fun, comfortable and environmentally friendly. We try to give back more than we take from the planet and humanity in general. We also believe that our employees and their families are our biggest asset and their thoughts, ideas and teamwork are the backbone to our success.”
– Our Mission Statement


  1. They look comfortable to ride, just wondering what kind of respect they would get in heavy traffic. I don’t know if I could ride one though, being so laid back in the seat like one is.

  2. Hey everyone.

    The trikes DO sit a little lower than normal bikes and you do have to ride a little more defensively than with an upright. However, drivers will generally give you a wider berth because of the “What Is That?” factor. The trikes get so much attention that most cars will even slow down to get a better look.

    As for comfort, it is very similar to sitting in a beach chair. The back is fully adjustable and you can change the recline to any angle that is comfortable to you. Being that you are sitting in a very familiar, comfortable position, you tend you ride longer and with less pain, and everyone gets on these and immediately grins from ear to ear.

    They are like little go-karts. Just human powered.

    Check out our site for the video and story of Dan Price who rode his TerraTrike around all of the Islands last year.

    Jeff — from TerraTrike

  3. I have tried the ones they have at the beach — and I LOVED it! Krysti and I spent about 3 hours one morning racing up and down the boardwalk — that was back when I was semi in shape — and I always won! I beat a 18 year old! HA!!! Anyway – they are comfortable as all get out — but the ones we rode had only one wheel in front and 2 in back — like a regular trike. THESE with the single in the back… I’m not sure how you STEER that! I want one — but it’s not worth the cost of them right now. I bet a few more years they come down in price.

  4. I want one! I want mine with a pirate flag.

    They do look a lot easier to manage than regular bikes, and I could never get the hang of those (much to *everyone* else’s amusement, *sigh*)

  5. I’ve ridden on Lopez Island but never on San Juan or Orcas Islands (which mostly means I am a bike wimp — I hear that Lopez is the easy island for biking!) If it is easier to ride uphill on one of those terra trikes, that I’d be all for it!

  6. VERY easy to ride uphills. Because you don’t have to maintain speed to stay upright on 2 wheels, you can climb a hill as slow as you want. Plus the reclined position lets you use not only your legs but also your back to push. Plus, up to 27 gears doesn’t hurt either.

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