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    1. Melli, with my naked eye all I saw was a path of light, but this is what my camera saw. The only editing I did to this photo was to straighten the horizon. Everything else I left as my camera recorded it.

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    Are you feeling better now, I sure hope so.
    I am hearing that there was a terrible rash of food poisoning from Duke’s last Saturday. Dont’ you wish? That would explain your being so sick.
    Your sunset reflection picture is great. I guess for that the water is too smooth for surfing. I don’t see any.

    1. Betty — growing up I often saw the sun reflected in the lake, but never quite like this. I keep wondering if this could have been a reflection in the clear lens cover I have over my actual camera lens.

    1. Doug — you mean even the sun’s reflection obeys him! Wow! Maybe I should consider paying more attention? …[shakes head] … Naw!

    1. Mary — thank you — and Jientje should be in Chicago by now. We saw her through security at the airport (that’s as far as they let us go), then waited until about an hour after her flight left, and we’ve not heard from her so we’re assuming she’s safely on her way to her next adventure.

    1. Susan — I have a clear glass lens protector. I believe the reflection was formed between it and the actual lens of my camera. However it came to be, it looks pretty darn cool.

    1. Karen — I am not wholly certain, but as I explained in several comments above, I believe it might have something to do with light bouncing between my camera lens and my clear glass lens cover.

  2. What a groovy cool shot! I read in some of the comments that this isn’t what your eye saw at the time. I think that’s very interesting that this is how your camera interpretted the scene. Is this digital or film? I wonder what it would have “looked like” in the other form. Interesting, very interesting. So that’s why I never seem to look as good in pictures as I think I look in the mirror. LOL 😀

    1. Shelley — I am feeling much better, thank you, and the explanation for the reflection is in about half-a-dozen of the comments above.

  3. Woah! Way, way cool! It might be even MORE cool if it’s an internal reflection. Just thinking about the angles needed for this to happen… very very cool. Thanks for sharing this!

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