An Ordered Post

At your command, Thom just came to look at me.  He has pronounced me well and told me to tell you all that I am fine.  So, as ordered:  I am fine.

Actually, I am fine.  I have a few minor lingering tummy cramps and I am being careful in my eating, but I cleaned my kitchen this morning, am doing laundry, have no fever and am as lucid as I ever get.

Thank you all for your care, concern and prayers.  I appreciated each and everyone of them and I am certain they made a huge difference.

27 thoughts on “An Ordered Post

  1. So glad I could take part in some difference making caring. 🙂 I’m glad you feel better! Now you and Thom & Ella can get back to having fun!!!

  2. Bout time you listened to me woman. LOL. Dr. Thom knows best. Me bossy…pfffft…I’m just a bumbling idiot ROFLMAO that knows EVERYTHING 🙂 WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nice to have clean laundry again, isn’t it?
    I knew I was feeling better on Wednesday when I could hang my head upside down in the washing machine to pull out the clean clothes! 😛

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