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Visit Lancaster & Hershey, PA

You may have noticed that I like planning and sharing potential vacations. I have just been asked to blog about the most incredible — and tasty — deal yet. Chocolate lovers sit up and take notice! How would you like to visit a theme park and chocolate wonderland all in one? Right now hershey pa hotels are giving great deals on vacation packages — and so are the nearby theme parks!

In Hersheypark the rides range from mild to wild, ensuring something for everyone in the family.  And right now you can visit Hersheypark Christmas Candylane. Glowing from a million twinkling lights, festive decorations, and Hershey’s Product Characters decked out in their holiday finest, there is something for your whole family to enjoy! Afterward you can enjoy over 2 miles of winding wooded winter trails from the warm comfort of your car while your eyes feast upon a million sparkling lights on nearly 600 enchanting animated displays.

Then don’t forget to go next door to Chocolate World and take the Great American Chocolate Tour — then you have have a bite to eat in the Kit Kat Cafe, ride the Hershey’s Trolley, and/or visit the Hershey’s Bake Shop. The best part is, they’ve got so much for you to do and keep active, that you don’t have to worry about all that yummy chocolate you’re eating!

And, if none of tha sounds fascinating, how about s short trip to Dutch Wonderland, Landis Valley Museum & Village, Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, or the AACA Antique Auto Museum? There is so much to see and do in this one, gorgeous area that it may take more than one trip to see it all. Luckily, first rate accommodations are readily available.

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  1. I must admit, it is nice having this vacation spot practically in my back yard. We go to Hershy Park all the time. If you ever do decide to visit the Lancaster area, I do hope you will let me know so I can hook up with ya!

  2. I’ve been there! My kids were fascinated by an Amish lady with a baby at the Harrisburg Walmart, so we made a side trip to Lancaster. Years ago I went with my cousins to Hershey Park (we were young and stupid and nearly got thrown out, but wow what a great time)… what has happened to admission prices?! OMG. I’d like to take my kids one day, but wow, sticker shock.

  3. My daughter lives in Hershey now. i hope to take my grandson to the park when he’s a little older. We go to the PA Ren Faire all of the time. My SIL works there on the weekends in the Pirate Ship.

    Flash 55 – Favors

  4. Family Life Weekend to Remember does a weekend at Hershey Park each spring — it’s the first of their weekends to SELL OUT…it’s usually Valentine’s Day weekend.

    But stay away Friday, May 7l. It’s when the area schools go there for musical competition and fun…zillions of middle schoolers…yikes. I’m trying to get out of being a chaperone for that one!

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