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  1. It’s a good picture of a good reflection. And I think one thing that these lost, forgotten, left behind objects show is how little we value what we have. Or maybe how distracted we are by the busy-ness in our lives.

  2. Oh! I LOOOOOOOOVE that! You did kinda spoil it by tellin’ me there wasn’t a kid in sight… I was expecting a splash any SECOND!

    1. Melli — there was a splash. Thom, his nieces & Nalu all showed up. The ball saw plenty of play then the kids who belonged to it showed up and reclaimed it.

  3. This is really cool. just an ordinary object but your photo makes it look really interesting. Thats what it’s all about. Great shot.

  4. I miss your Photoblog 🙁

    And I like this reflection.
    King would love to play with this (well, for 2 seconds, until he made it pop)

    1. Nicole — there were only two of you reading it. I have decided to just post photos here. No need to do the work for two blogs.

      1. True.
        One reason why I aggregated two of my other blogs to show up on the main blog (one good thing about the blog software I’m running).
        I can always seperat them again, if I want to.

    1. Nessa — I took much more care with this shot, and I take much more care with the shots I have taken since. The new lens really inspired me!

    1. Barbara — I find that happens often. Ordinary things get overlooked, but focusing on them makes them suddenly extraordinary.

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