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Envelope Budget Software

For 10 years I lived  alone, struggling, on my teaching salary to make ends meet.  Rent, utilities, car payment, insurance, gas, food, clothing, etc. were keeping me broke.  I always made it to the end of the money before I made it to the end of the pay period.  People kept telling me to budget.  I kept telling them I didn’t have any money to budget!

Then one day I heard about the envelop budget and thought I’d give it a try.  First I looked to see where I was spending my money, and where I should be spending my money.  Then I set up my budget envelopes and suddenly all my needs and most of my wants were being met and I was saving money! It was amazing to me.

Now Neobudget has developed an envelope based budget software program so actual money in actual envelopes is no longer needed. My money can stay safely in the bank earning interest while I use virtual envelopes to keep track of my spending and saving.  Best of all, Neobudget will fit into your budget easily.  Unlike most other budgeting software, Neobudget costs about one-fifth less than the other leading brands, yet still provides a full range of features.

Keeping a budget changed my life and freed me from debt.  Visit the website, check out Neobudget, then sign up for the free 7 day trial.  What have you got to lose besides a stack of bills?


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I guess we’re OK budget wise because I think you’ve figured out that we research everything we plan to buy to death before we actually make a purchase.

  2. I don’t care if you use software, envelopes, or tin cans. Budgeting is an essential. I think the ability to plan and successfully execute a budget (for an absolute minimum of two years) should be an iron prerequisite for “conjugal relations”; for the penalties of noncompliance, see the Mosaic laws re: fornication. Such a rule, I think, would quickly solve the human population problem and the manifold issues related to it (endemic poverty, global warming), if only because, when confronted with the true costs of child rearing, the sperm counts of most males would drop to zero out of sheer terror.

  3. ROFLMAO at the last line of Amoeba’s comment!!

    The ‘envelope’ method was what my mother taught me when I was first out on my own, and when I finally screwed up enough and then tried it as a last resort, wow, it worked! And I forgot to pass it on to my daughter when she moved out—will do that today when I call her.

    And yeah, why isn’t household budgeting taught in schools? (or is it?: it’s been a long time since I was there…)

    1. Gigi — the first real wake up call is to look at where you have spent your money the last several months. Just that alone will likely open your eyes to a cash drain you didn’t even know you had.

  4. I don’t personally use this system, but it was very good for one of my children; in fact, it was the only money management idea which worked. Without it, the money was spent on whatever impulse came first, with no regard for later needs.

  5. There is no such thing as AGW! I’m surprised at you, amoeba. Aren’t you supposed to be a scientist?

    1. Karen, perhaps you should go read Amoeba’s post for the day. The link is in my sidebar. Before you go consider this, the scientists who are warning that drastic measures have to be taken to stop global warning are not making any monies off their data. The folks who say global warming is a sham ARE making money dispersing their info. Always follow the money trail. It rarely ever lies.

  6. I wholeheartedly agree that the envelope budget method is the best way to go 😉 I have chatted with the developer of Neobudget a few times. He is a good guy. I also have an envelope budget system I would invite your readers to try. You can check it out at There is a 30 day trial for features. Or, you can continue to use it for free with a few minor limitations.

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