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An Afternoon in Haleiwa

Amoeba and I went to Haleiwa again today. He collected seaweed. I waded in the water and snapped a few photographs.

It was a beautiful day for visiting the beach.

Tropical Sky

Apparently these snails thought so too because they held a convention.

snail conference

The black snails, not wanting to be outdone, held an even bigger convention.

black snails

This little moth came out to sun himself. He’s so small and so well camouflaged here that had he not fluttered his wings at just the right moment, I might have passed by without noticing him.


Even this little green inch worm knew it was a great day to go to the beach.

inch worm

This Gulf Fritillary Butterfly decided to stop on his way to the beach and smell the flowers.


While his cousin chose to hang out in the She-Oak Tree before flying off to see the sea.

Admiral 2

These little Wax Bills came to the beach to picnic on grass seeds.


And a couple of sea turtles came in near shore to feast on grassalaria, a favored seaweed.

sea turtle

And I waited, waited, waited patiently for one of them to come up for a breath of air.

up for air

It was a great day for visiting the beach. You’re probably the only one who wasn’t there!


  1. Nice pictures, Quilly. I like the last one best. I also have been watching your weather, it is almost ‘jacket’ time? It’s woolies time here in South Texas. One of our winter weeks is here. About one out of three or four in these months turn cool.

  2. How lucky you are to walk along the beach ! these snails look like the things I photographed for Macro Monday on a tree trunk. Now I wonder if these snails didn’t settle down on the tree trunk !

  3. That’s probably the same beach we visited the last day, isn’t it? I remember the turtles, even though I did not get a clear shot at them then. I love yours.

  4. Great viewing pleasure!! love those butterflies, we only have small plain ones and I thought it was because the pretty ones didn’t like the heat…so my theory is not valid 🙂

  5. Weird, I’ve never seen snail conventions.
    They must all gather in Hawaii 😉
    Those butterflies and moths and critters in general are so beautiful.
    Love the detail you captured and the colours!
    It must be amazing to see a sea turtle.

  6. The sea turtle photos are favorites of mine. I even have a couple of coffee mugs. (Excellent Christmas gifts, folks.)

  7. Black snails! I didn’t know there were such things.

    These are all gorgeous, especially the orange butterfly. And it is nice to see the beautiful color on a gray rainy day here.

  8. My head cold is keeping me up so I decided to visit your blog. Glad I did.

    I was puzzled by your last photo, as I couldn’t understand why a white rock would be interesting. Imagine my surprise when I realized it was the turtle’s head!

    Cool photos!

  9. Ok, let’s not rub it in. *sigh* I so miss the beach. I love all your photos, but I especially love the butterfly photos. And the turtle photo made me chuckle. Glad you had a nice day!

    1. Church Lady — speaking of rubbing it in, did you check out Amoeba’s post? [see left sidebar link] You know that we will soon be in Washington State living in the middle of Puget Sound, right? We’ll be doing coats, hats, gloves, and rain gear soon! We’re soaking up the rays while we can.

    1. SN — once you start carrying a camera you learn to look at the world in a whole different way. It has been a paradigm shift for me. I love it!

  10. Wow! I’m really really impressed! These are gorgeous photos. I do especially love that sea turtle photo. It looks like you were standing right over him.

    I’ve NEVER seen those orange butterflies over here. They must stay on the Windward side of the island. Ahh… and those birds are called waxbills? Thank you. I wondered what they were.

    1. Kay — I was right over him! I was standing on an outcropping rock and Amoeba was holding my breath for fear I was going to fall in!

  11. I was just at Haleiwa and didn’t see any of the things you photographed! LOL! All I saw were tourists and choppy waves!

    Those are amazing pictures!

    1. Sagemom — we’re headed back over to that side of the island on Monday for the big waves. I found all of these things I photographed between Haleiwa Beach Park and Uko’a Pond (according to Google Earth).

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