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Time For an Upgrade?

Is your blog slowing down?  Is your bloghost screaming that you’re taking up too much band width?  Have you outgrown your virtual comfort zone?  Maybe it’s time for you to consider switching to a dedicated server.

If you are debating the pros and cons of switching to a dedicated server, but are not quite up-to-date enough to make an informed decision, check out these free Dedicated server articles from Article Alley. These articles contain a wealth of information that will help you make wise, rational, cost effective choices as you look at your bandwidth needs.


  1. I’m looking into this over winter break. The good thing about Blogger is I don’t have to do much thinking…and you know what happens when THAT happens, correctamundo?

  2. I am completely ignorant in these things, I don’t know what “band width” means and what it has to do with my blog ? I don’t have any problems with Blogger so far. I had a few with photo uploading but that I settled by using Picasa Webalbums to upload and then copy and paste the code in my blog. I really can’t complain about Blogger. I had to use WordPress together with a whole group, but I didn’t like it at all.

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