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This Email Just In From My Amoeba


This morning (10 December 2009), Your Friendly Neighborhood Amoeba was riding his bicycle to work, when he pulled up behind a small truck that was stopped at a red light.

Printed in red letters on the back of this vehicle (upper left corner) were these words.

How’s My Driving?
[Phone number]
We Reward Safe Driving

A wonderful example of corporate responsibility in these tough times. Right?


Well, maybe.

Did I mention what kind of truck this was?

It was an armored car.

So of course this company rewards safe driving. The drivers surely belong to the Teamsters, and their union isn’t about to let its members work for free.


  1. I get it. Safe driving is how their employees vault ahead.

    By the way, Quilly, you have actually wound up your blogging to the point that my RSS feeder is distracting me from reading your posts.

    1. Doug — your puns are iron clad winners! As to my posts, brace yourself. Google is about to go into meltdown — I have three PPP offers set to expire within 24 hours of not posted. Tis the season ….

      1. Google Reader is the bomb!!! Yes it might be slow at times, but it eventually picks up everything…and of course, signs you out at times by itself…Ah yes, Q…’tis the season

        1. Thom — I do love my Google Reader. It saves me tons of time because I don’t keep checking back on blogs that have no new posts!

    1. I will tell you this my friend, they are jolly on the spot if they don’t like how we drive to make a complaint.It disgusts me to know end. You try and be a very courtesy driver, and no one, correction, or very few call in for that, but you do one thing a driver doesn’t like and they have our complaint line on speed dial!

      1. Thom — praise calls don’t get made because folks just naturally assume being careful is part of the driver’s job. They don’t know how difficult driving the bus can be.

  2. Being a member of the Teamsters do you know what company this was? And secondly, I don’t get your point about our union letting us work for free when the bumper sticker clearly states that they reward for safe driving. How does that relate back to their wages? I would think, as we have at TheBus, it is an incentive for driving safely. I’m just sayin’


    1. Well, Thom, there aren’t many candidates for the honor, especially in Honolulu, but I will say it’s not the one that I otherwise could have accused of Brinksmanship.


      1. Ahhhh and being a city bus driver and can say the same about most, and I’m not pointing fingers here, bicycle riders as well. And No Quilly I’m not saying we aren’t the best. I think we are…I was pfffft to Poor Thom LOL. And yes it’s your blog…you just made my point about being the Posting Queen. Thank you very much. Now speaking of 40 foot buses…I’m off to work. I’ll be thinking about that bumper sticker all day šŸ™‚

          1. Some of the Best Drivers out there are the Transit Operators and the Long Haul Truckers.

            And lets not even touch on the Pre Inspection that one must do if they are professional drivers, and you see a lot of vehicles out there with burned out lights that should be working, tires bald or low on air and pieces of vehicles hanging off which could come off and damage other vehicles.

            I think we need to get back to the Horse n’ Buggy.

    1. Bill — I have many times been tempted to dial one of those numbers, but I haven’t yet. Interestingly enough, it is rarely the huge rigs that I have issues with. It is the folks in the company cars and trucks that go zooming through traffic like a juggernaut.

      1. I don’t think you’d like driving here in Calgary, I swear most of these “So Called” Professional Drivers got their Licences out of a Cracker Jack Box.

        The Taxi’s and Limo Drivers seem to be the worse. Last Night we had a Snow Storm all night, Thank God it was the Grave Yard Shift with not much traffic. I had one Taxi following me really close, blew his horn because I was driving Too Slow for him and flew by me in the Right Hand Lane.

        This is with Ice Covered Snowy Roads. And he had Passengers in his car.

        At least you don’t have the snow to add to your woes in Hawaii. šŸ™‚

        1. Bill — in Hawaii if a road is posted 35 miles an hour you can expect traffic will be going 20 mph faster. Snow might slow them down.

  3. Ya know… I am SLOW this week! Must be the muscle relaxers or something… I had to read through some of the comments before I finally GOT IT! This is definitely one of those times when the conversation in the comments is much better than the original post!!! LOL!

  4. After reading the comments, I too did finally “get it”! šŸ™‚ They are “safe” drivers! Duh!! I agree with Melli, the comments were worth the whole post! šŸ™‚

  5. Well, this will teach me to put off blogging until the end of the day… every “Safe” pun has already been hit in the comments, so meh, I won’t even try LOL. But that does make the safe-driving sign hilarious!

    (And it’s good to see Amoeba meanwhile!)

  6. I wonder what happens if the driver blows it and someone calls the number? do they reward the caller I wonder? The world may never know………..

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