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More Than a Spa

When I think “Day Spa”, I think manicure, pedicure, facial and pampering.   One generally goes to a day spa for physical maintenance and an image boost.  The Tiffani Kim Institute includes a day spa, but they take pampering beyond the external.

Some of the best professionals Chicago Dermatology has to offer work at the Tiffani Kim Institute. They provide a full range of health and beauty services from internal medicine (yes, you read that correctly) to chemical peels, laser surgery, cosmetic surgery, nutritional experts and acne clinics. They also have several therapies designed to combat the effects of aging. One of them is vein treatments, done under the car of a licensed physician. The institute also provides a full range of anti-aging skin care products specially designed by their own dermatologists and doctors.

The Tiffani Kim Institute doesn’t just make you look good, they work to make you feel good and be healthy as well. If you are thinking about cosmetic changes, check out the Tiffany Kim Institute online. They have some current packages with outstanding prices!


  1. Ohhhh noooo… this isn’t for ME! If someone’s going to work on my varicose veins, I would MUCH prefer they do it on a TABLE and not under their car! Nooo…. this isn’t my kind of spa at all! ROFL!!! (I’m sorry Quilly… I just couldn’t resist!)

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