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A Former Love, Found

This is the Howard Miller Le Rose Floor Clock. Many moons ago, in that other life, I had a clock much like this. I have always mourned it’s passing.

No, it didn’t die. We passed it along to my ex’s daughter when she got married. She said she loved it and wanted it — then she promptly put it in her yard sale. I was a little stunned. She explained that the chimes were too loud for their little apartment and the neighbors complained. I explained about the volume control and night mute feature.  She said, “Oh.”

I think the most interesting — and appalling part of this story is — the neighbor bought it.

I loved the clock.  I had received it from a client when I worked for the maid service.  She replaced it with one of the more more traditional grandfather clocks and told me I could have this one since I liked it so much.

I lived with the clock for a couple of years, then we decided to move to a cabin in the Idaho wilderness for 6 months and I didn’t want to put the clock into storage.  That is what prompted me to pass it on.  If I didn’t have it, at least someone I loved would.

While I was poking around on the clock website I came across this really cool article.  It seems that 1-800-4-Clocks.Com has donated one of their grandfather clocks to a National NBC home improvement Television Show that is partnering a famous designer and famous home improvement guru to rebuild the home of a family who lost most everything they owned in a fire. This special sounds to me like just the thing to bring some Christmas cheer.

Speaking of Christmas cheer, I don’t suppose someone out there wants to buy me this clock?  I promise, this time around I will cherish it forever.  (Oh, and I want it with the Westminster Chimes, please.)


  1. Oooh gosh!! She sold it? That’s dreadful.

    I wish I could buy it for you, it’s beautiful ! With all the memories you have from your previous one, it would indeed be something you’d want to cherish forever.

  2. haha, yeah I would love one of those myself. Looks great and I felt mad in your place at your Ex´s daughter for selling it! How could she! That´s really too bad!
    I hope someone (Amoeba) buys this for you, if not now, maybe someday…. 🙂
    Have a great day!

  3. That is some story. I guess your ex’s daughter didn’t know just how much that clock meant to you. I will certainly purchase that clock for you because you so deserve it and it will look awesome in your new home on the wall next to the corner fireplace! What a great housewarming gift! However, you will have to wait until I win the lottery. I simply do not have the funds right now. If and when I do win the mega millions, I will purchase one for me too, cause I really like it!

  4. I did not know about the mute feature. My girlfriend had a grandfather clock that chimed every hour — AT NIGHT WHEN I WAS TRYING TO SLEEP!!!

    ugh. I vowed never to get one.

    1. Rosidah — well, I still have fond memories of the old one, so maybe a new one should be different for collecting different memories.

  5. I’m so sorry about that beautiful clock you passed on only to have it passed out. I’m sure Amoeba will find you a new clock for your new home when you make your move back to the mainland. I hope.

  6. Kay — Amoeba isn’t as fond of clocks as I. However, if he truly thought a clock would bring me joy, you are probably right, he would get me one.

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