A Former Love, Found

This is the Howard Miller Le Rose Floor Clock. Many moons ago, in that other life, I had a clock much like this. I have always mourned it’s passing.

No, it didn’t die. We passed it along to my ex’s daughter when she got married. She said she loved it and wanted it — then she promptly put it in her yard sale. I was a little stunned. She explained that the chimes were too loud for their little apartment and the neighbors complained. I explained about the volume control and night mute feature.  She said, “Oh.”

I think the most interesting — and appalling part of this story is — the neighbor bought it.

I loved the clock.  I had received it from a client when I worked for the maid service.  She replaced it with one of the more more traditional grandfather clocks and told me I could have this one since I liked it so much.

I lived with the clock for a couple of years, then we decided to move to a cabin in the Idaho wilderness for 6 months and I didn’t want to put the clock into storage.  That is what prompted me to pass it on.  If I didn’t have it, at least someone I loved would.

While I was poking around on the clock website I came across this really cool article.  It seems that 1-800-4-Clocks.Com has donated one of their grandfather clocks to a National NBC home improvement Television Show that is partnering a famous designer and famous home improvement guru to rebuild the home of a family who lost most everything they owned in a fire. This special sounds to me like just the thing to bring some Christmas cheer.

Speaking of Christmas cheer, I don’t suppose someone out there wants to buy me this clock?  I promise, this time around I will cherish it forever.  (Oh, and I want it with the Westminster Chimes, please.)

32 Days Until …

… the big move.

We have chosen January 11th as the day for the movers to come and take our furniture away.  There are a zillion things to be done — and I am shopping for clocks online.  I can’t help it.   It’s the fireplace.  Fireplaces always make me search for clocks.

fireplaceI suppose I should back up and tell you that this is soon to be our living room.  You see that fireplace?  I think it needs a clock above it.

In my search for the perfect clock I found a clocks blog. I never knew there were so many different kinds of clocks! I started reading articles and next thing I knew I’d learned something.

I know you’ve heard of a Grandfather Clock, but have you ever heard of a Grandmother Clock? I hadn’t until today. I was scanning through the clock blog and came to a post that mentioned Grandfather and Grandmother Clocks. I saw pictures of both and they look pretty much the same, so I decided to do some research. I discovered an article which explains that Grandmother Clocks are generally 8o inches or shorter, though some styles can be as tall as 82 inches. Grandfather Clocks are taller.

Of course, I wasn’t looking for a Grandmother or a Grandfather Clock.  Since there’s no mantle, I need a wall clock. Now, do I go with a modern look or a traditional look? At this point it doesn’t matter because we have no furniture, but do I really want to build my room decor around a clock?



What do you think of these? I like them both.  Amoeba likes neither.  Of course, he also said he’d like to go for a Rocky and Bullwinkle motif.  I agreed — maybe in the garage.

This first clock is a Seth Thomas.  To be precise it’s a Seth Thomas Montauk Wall Clock.  I like the lighthouse image. I thought it would be perfect since we’re moving to a town with Harbor as half of its name.  Amoeba says it is too cliché.

I am worried that the color of the clock rim is too similar to the color of my desert tan walls.

The second clock is a Hermle Wall Clock.  It is very sleek, very modern and I love the cut-outs.  Amoeba says it’s too cutesy.  (Did I mention that he wants a Bullwinkle & Rocky clock?)

As much as I like the second clock, I am not at all certain that the brushed aluminum finish would go well with the high gloss black tile around the fireplace.

Any interior designers out there?  What do you think?

Timely Endeavor

Today a man came to fix the clock in my classroom. I put the work order in the very first day of the school year — the 2005-2006 school year! All last year I waited — and complained, and called. This year I didn’t even bother. I just went out and bought my own plastic wall clock and put it up! However, one of my loving and considerate co-workers turned in a work order for me — and now my clock works.

Estella, if you are reading this, from now on you are turning in all of my work orders. Apparently you have clout. (The air conditioner isn’t working. hint, hint)