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You all know by now that I am not much of a TV watcher.  I rarely turn the set on.  That said, I decided to watch tv online. I wanted to see a particular segment of a Christmas Special and I missed the original airing.  I found the show and watched the portion I wanted to see, and I even enjoyed it.

Now I am wondering why people buy DVRs and chain themselves to television schedules at all?  The only negative thing about the experience is that I was forced to use IE, which I hate, but it was the only interface available for the particular show I wished to see.  Luckily not all shows are so limiting.

Have any of you watched the sports stations online?  Do they have the games while they air, or are the games blacked out on TV also blacked out online?


  1. Like you, I don’t watch much TV. But David watches it every day and he loves his big screen TV and DVR. He likes to record stuff on the DVR and then fast forward thru the commercials.
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    1. Thanks, Gigi — yeah, the commercials are a big part of why I quit watching TV in the first place. They were also a big part of what irked me with the special I wanted to watch. I just wanted to see one little thing segment and had to watch a dozen commercials to gert to it. I forgot that the DVR can weed them out.

    1. Dr. John — I am sorry. It did not do that to me yesterday, but today it certainly did! I don’t know what’s up with that. Back to Zulu for me. They don’t pull fast switches.

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