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It Just Seemed Fair

He and She were driving home from celebrations of the night before Christmas. As they were pulling in to their street, they noticed a party at the next-door neighbor’s house, where Ted and Suze live.

She: I see Ted’s having Christmas eve.

He: Hm. That seems a little one-sided.

She: One-sided?

He: Yeah. If Ted’s having Christmas Eve, Suze should be having Christmas Adam. Shouldn’t she?

~ post courtesy of the punniest amoeba on earth.


    1. Thom — I thought you were coming by? We were home all day! The ahi steaks came out perfect. I am about to serve chocolate cake made from scratch.

    1. Betty — you’re welcome. I can’t believe it got there so fast! I was told that even though it was priority mail, it wouldn’t arrive until after the weekend due to holiday time schedules.

    1. .
      And just after you popped my comment my sister left this one. She knows me pretty good.
      “your sister said…
      Think you’ve been there & done that…Santa remembers you had a motorcycle or scooter or something & you took your Mom for a ride on it….for longer than she thought she was going to be on it.
      – – – – – or – – – – –
      Maybe Santa didn’t think you were very good this year?
      .-= Jim´s last blog ..After Christmas lament — Six Word Saturday =-.

  1. everybody shouldhave their personal adam or/and eve on a christmas party in paradise
    not so much paradise,i hear? dang, i knew there was a catch!
    .-= polona´s last blog ..winter? =-.

    1. Nicole — and Amoeba made a point of telling me you thought so. If he tries picking up his own Eve he’ll likely not like my subsequent point.

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