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L Johnverrell’s REIN: The Rejuvenator

If you’re an urban fantasy fan, the premise of this film will peak your curiosity.  The story line intrigued me.  The fact that the same two men have been battling for centuries put me in mind of the Highlander Series, which I loved.

The premise of the movie is based on the belief in Reincarnation. It tells the story of Rein, the very first rejuvenator. With the help of his two best friends, Rein has been helping souls rejuvenate for over 2000 years. He is tired and ready to pass-on the mantel of rejuvenator. His successor is chosen from the year 1975. Unfortunately, the second Rein is not as easy to train as Rein One thought he would be. Complicating the plot is, Spade, the man who created Rein One by murdering him in the first place, and the lovely Karma, the goddess of reincarnation, who apparently has the hots for Rein Two.

Rein One is considering not rejuvenating Spade this time around, whether he’s a believer or not. And, because Karma’s sexual interest in Rein Two is forbidden, the others are suspicious of Karma’s motives for choosing the man and don’t trust him. Rein Two is aware that the team isn’t wholly in support of him, and that makes him suspicious of them.

All of that provides a wonderful breeding ground for drama, deceptions and tangled intrigues. I couldn’t wait to see Rein: The Rejuvenator.

REIN: The Rejuvenator View Trailer

Unfortunately, a great premise doesn’t necessarily make a great movie. I liked the idea. The cinematography seems fair, but the dialog is wooden and the acting is worse. If this movie premise makes it to Hollywood, gets a real budget and some actors with talent, I’ll put my money down to see it in a flash. As it stands now, not so much.


  1. its a pilot the point of a pilot is not to have superb actors but to get a point across we shot the pilot in a weeks time with more time and more money it will get better so look foreward to seeing it soon thanks for the review

      1. I am very pleased at this honest review. I am one of the executive producers of this project and I admire Ms. Quilly for stating her opinion. I, as well as the director agree that the actors are up and coming with their careers and need a little work. Pilot or not, an actor must give his or her all at all times. I have no idea who the first commenter was, but I apologize if it was indeed one of our actors since they used the username rein. This is a great review and we appreciate it Ms. Quilly. Sincerely Dallas N. Whitlock.

        1. I am learning abut pilots and eposides and I have never been so grateful for such an opprotunith. The director is awesome as well as the producers the first comment was ment all in a good way I appoligize

          1. Rein — I didn’t realize this was the pilot. I thought it was the finished product! Thanks for clarifying. And — for the record — I didn’t think your comment was offensive. I just thought you were clearing up my misconception.

        2. Dallas — thank you. I wrote an honest review from my point-of-view. Folks who aren’t into urban fantasy might not see the potential here.

          The first commenter didn’t offend me. I think he/she (?) was just explaining something s/he is passionate about.

  2. I am also pleased with Quilly’s review. I’m happy that she took the time to read the story and actually understand what I wrote! Kudos on the Highlander similiarity too. I didn’t even notice that! We do have big plans for REIN including a book in which the audience can read the entire story first. It seems that the story intrigued you and we want to get that out as well as work with the actors on presenting the story to you. A million thanks.

    1. L — of course I read the synopsis. I had to if I wanted to write a fair review. Some folks in PPP are all about the paycheck, but the higher up the money ladder you climb the better your chances of finding writers with a bit of talent and integrity.

  3. Thank you vrty much for the blog comment and once again the first post was all to be taken positive not negative for anyone that has read it…….we all appreciate the support and look foreward to you following the production

    1. Rein — no need to apologize. I wasn’t offended. As a writer I completely understand what it is like to have someone attack my “baby”. I thought you did an excellent job of explaining and defending without being rude or defensive.

  4. that is a nice preview of what’s coming along, I have to say I usually don’t watch movies like this but this one got me interested.. let’s see!

  5. Hello Quilly,
    I am one of the actors in “Rein – The Rejuvenator”, I play “Doris”, and I appreciate you taking the time to learn about our project. “Rein” has been a wonderful experience and I’m looking forward to more. I wanted to take a moment and let you know I do understand that it can be helpful to see things through another’s point of view. Please continue to blog about our project and stay in touch. Maybe you can join our blogtv interviews and comment and ask questions. The site is and hope you join our next interviews! We’d love to hear from you!!

  6. The premise is right up my alley. (Highlander is one of my favorite series.) I think you are off to a great beginning. But I do agree that it will need a little Hollywood magic (special effects) to push the concept forward. Good Luck, I will be waiting in line to see the finished project.

  7. Hi, I was telling my Dad about this new project and he told me that it all started (for him) with the book, “The Search for Bridey Murphy.” He loves the reincarnation aspect too!
    I think l will have someone to stand in line with me!

  8. I had one of the smallest roles in ‘Rein – The Rejuvenator’, and yet I’m proud to say I was even part of such a project. Thanks again L! The story behind it is so deep and well thought out that I’m sure many viewers will be able to relate. “Speaking” for myself, I’d like to thank Quilly for the review and anyone else who may have commented on it, for that means your relating!

    1. Nicky — thank you for owning up to being a member of the cast. It shows that you do take pride in your work and are proud to be associated with it. It also shows that you don’t think you have to deceive people to get them interested. You might want to talk to a couple other members of your cast about that.

      1. Thanks Quilly. I truly am! I’m definitely always making sure I let it be known, to be thankful and proud to be part of any such projects, especially ones that promote meaningful messages like REIN. Thanks again for the advice!

  9. Well, I think that it needs (much) better actors too. But I figured that once the production started and the project was underway that would be a given. I don’t know exactly how all of this works, I do know that the amount of money raised for the project, will probably tell that tale.

  10. Sorry, I guess in my excitement I did not make myself clear. I will be standing in line with my Dad to see this one. He and I are reincarnation nuts! Or, maybe just nuts!
    Of course the premise and the finished project could go in many different directions, most of them not good. I (and I am sure all of you too) have been to many a movie with a great storyline but the movie totally missed the mark and it was a horrid movie! Hmmm….maybe I shouldn’t assume that the acting will necessarily improve. Just because it should doesn’t mean it will.

  11. My cousins have a small (tiny) production company. The actors change if and when the budget changes. They use plenty of free actors too (friends, relatives and local talent.) But if the idea gets picked up even with a tiny budget there is suddenly so much competition they sometimes get some pretty darn good unknown talent. To me the concept for this project is a really good one so there will probably be a lot of competition for the parts. Of course some or all of the current actors could already have contracts for this. What do I know?

    1. that must be funny, I mean, it must be nice to work with your family and friends on something other people will see… and well, you seem to have some experience on that area, so all the comments above must be true, this one has very good chances!

  12. Kill, yes it is nice to work with family and friends. Funny too, when you see your cousins house used in a fight scene. I wonder where Rein was filmed?

    Quilly, do you have any idea where this project is getting its start? It would be fun to find out the origins.

  13. Quilly, I also wanted to let you know that my interest in this project was more from your review than from the video itself. Your understanding of the project really brought it to life.
    I probably would not have even watched the video if I had not read your blog first!

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