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Recreate Yourself Through Meditation

While we’re on the subject of self-improvement, meditation is one sure-fire way to reduce the clutter in your mind, concentrate your thoughts and bring out your creativity. At, I was just reading about their six-part brainwave meditation program available on CD.

The Brain Evolution System was designed using brain wave research.  As you can see from the diagram above, after just a few minutes of listening to the carefully researched musical tones of Brainev, highly agitated brain waves are calm and relaxed — ready to learn and think and create.  If you are interested in becoming more focused, more productive, and unleashing your creative powers, visit and check out the videos on how the program works, sign up for the free 15 minute demo — then take advantage of the 21 day trial offer.


  1. Sorry, Quilly. I tried your link but it didn’t work. We used to do meditation a lot when I was younger. I’m totally out of practice and we’ll be going to a monastery in spring. It’ll be tricky to try to do zazen again.

  2. I can’t mediate, I see myself and I start to giggle ! What I am doing each morning are Yoga exercises for half an hour that makes me fit for the day and I don’t need meditation, it only makes me nervous.
    I read the posts below, I liked our firework in Brussels very much it was beautiful and the atmosphere in the streets so full of fun !
    Have a very nice and happy New Year in your new home !

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