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No Fleas Please

In Hawaii we had to worry about ants and centipedes and a couple dozen varieties of roaches. One has to battle 24/7 for supremacy over the bugs. I said as as much to a fresh young thing with stars in her eyes who couldn’t understand why anyone would leave “paradise” for “the-back-of-beyond”.

She said she would be much happier battling bugs in the sunshine then she is battling them here, then she showed me the box in her hand and said that for most of the past week her life has been consumed with such things as learning how you can use a flea bomb with pets.

I once had a wonderful dog who sometimes doubled as a walking flea farm. I only recall having to battle the bugs seasonally. I don’t recall it being an every day thing. Flea powder on the carpet when I vacuumed, bathing the dog regularly, and keeping him in a flea collar seemed to help.


  1. My kids have a CD that has a Hawaiian song about a centipede. LOL Now I know it’s true.

    I don’t know if I could take bugs. An aunt and uncle of mine saved all their lives to retire in Florida, and after a few months there, they were home again — my aunt couldn’t *stand* the bugs, she said they were huge and everywhere. No place is perfect I guess.

  2. I don’t miss the roaches and scorpions of Texas, so I totally understand being happy to leave the big bugs behind.

    Once fleas get a hold in your home, it is a crazy time to get rid of them, but it CAN be done.
    Now I’m feeling itchy…
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..WWC: food and drink =-.

  3. .
    Quilly, when you come to Texas please leave our fleas at home! Yes, we have them here too.

    If there is a flea within 100 feet it will find Mrs. Jim and bite her. I don’t what gets into them, she wouldn’t hurt a flea.

    One thing for sure, if you have a dog and your friend gets fleas, you and your dog get blamed. Adi nor Katrin have ever had fleas. They’ve been blamed several times.
    I am glad you got a portable battery charger. I remember sinice I’ve know you one time you ran out in Hawaii. Aren’t Radio Shacks (The Shack now) wonderful!
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..Hellen Garriot pottery — Ruby (Red) Tuesday — My most used red book =-.

  4. I TOTALLY know what you mean. We have roaches (any size you want or not want), fleas, ants (also at many sizes!) , and many other bugs I don´t even know the names of! So I think taking care of fleas shouldn´t be so hard….

  5. When my husband first moved to Hawaii as a young lieutenant he rented a car only to find out it was roach infested. That’s why he never wanted the kids to eat in the car!

    We have spiders, but I figure they’re eating the ickier smaller bugs so I practice peaceful co-existence unless they get too big and obvious or are someplace that I need to be and they’re in my way. BUT we also have a pest control company that comes quarterly because if we don’t, the ants start showing up again. The guy who comes to our house is originally from Ghana and he laughs, “Americans don’t know what bugs ARE. Come to Africa!” But it keeps him employed which keeps his kids in college, so he laughs some more!

    We do have to watch for mice, especially this time of year, but we’re relentless on those little buggers too.
    .-= southlakesmom´s last blog ..Random Dozen =-.

  6. Hah, you never had to worry about a hawaiian flea. They, like the afore-mentioned bugs are not readily disuaded to leave nor are they easy to drive off. Further more, until this past Saturday, I didn’t know that they were carriers of tapeworms either. Ha, I do learn something new everyday.

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