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Green Police Now Hiring

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Green Police

In order to ensure a clean and green experience Glastonbury Festival hires Green Police. This is the job of a lifetime. You get to attend the festival, be part of the show, design your own “uniform”, and make a positive impact on the environment while teaching others to do the same.

Your duties will include:

  • Completing a training/try out session (unless you’ve worked the festival previously)
  • Having a fantastic costume and dressing colourfully and funky
  • Camping in the Green Police designated camping area (bring your own tent)
  • Attending meetings, being part of the team, and agreeing to the rules
  • Bringing Wellington Boots
  • Refraining from smoking, drinking or terrible hangovers while on duty.

As a Green Police officer you will use humor and sexiness to educate people on how to leave no impact on their evnironemnt.  Your job duties will include educating festival goers on, and enforcing, festival ettiquette.  You will demonstrate the proper disposal of fag (cigarette) butts; encourage recycling, and monitoring litter management behaviors.

You will be considered not only a fair employee, but an integral member of the festival team and part of the entertainment as well.  You will be encouraged to have fun with your job while taking it seriously.  To prevent people from taking the job soley to get into the festival, there is an application fee and you will have to buy a festival ticket — monies fully refundable when (and only if) you successfully complete your contract by serving your allotted hours.

Get your Green Police application at Savetheworldclub,org. Check out the FAQ and look the site over. Remember, even though this is a festival and they want you to have fun, you do have a job to do and this is an application for employment. Furthermore, the Green Police are role models. They do not advocate the use of drugs. Any Green Police employee found under the influence will be instantly sacked. Also, preference will be given to those with former Green Police experience.


  1. LOL! I’m not sure I could pull off the “sexy” part… but humor I could do! Something tells me it will cost me MORE than the price of an entry ticket to get this job though! But hey – if Mom & I could be a TEAM, Dennis might go for it! LOL!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Here We Go Again! =-.

  2. The Green Police don’t seem that sexy but the look a lot of fun – roll on the green police!

  3. Here’s hoping that one day all Police will be Green Police! I can remember going to the Glastonbury Festival many years ago and it was very muddy. At the end of the festival these was an awful lot of litter, it must have taken them week to clean it up! Hopefully the Green Police will help this year.

  4. Great post, good to see people taking green issues seriously. The Green Police seem like a great idea. Probably will get a lot of kids into green issues also.

    1. The issue here is whether you realyl care about the environment. I do, so I thoroughly support what Glastonbury Festival is doing with the very funny and kitsch Green Police

    1. Amoeba — since in this case Green symbolizes a happy, healthy earth, don’t you think it would be better to have them clean up not only the environment, but reclaim the name from infamy as well?

      1. “… reclaim the name from infamy”, Q? When a quarter of the hits on this post are from purveyors of the worst kind of smut, keying on the word ‘sexiness’? Fat chance. And as for “happy, healthy, Earth”, the idea of having an environmentalist team work a commercial festival strikes me as similar to ordering a diet beverage with your big Mac and fries.

        1. I don’t think my influx of shocking traffic is the Green Police’s fault, either!

          I know as an environmentalist you would like to see the groups like Green Police cleaning up what business puts out rather then cleaning up after what business puts out, but small steps lead to bigger ones.

        1. Amoeba — it is too bad that such a perfect name has such a horrid history. Changing it might prove to be too difficult, but then again it might not. Let’s see how much good can be done before we judge.

    2. No Amoeba, you are very wrong on so many levels.

      1) You mean Ordnungspolizei, not Grüne Polizei.

      2) Ordnungspolizei is directly translated to mean Order Police. It’s more than just the difference between capital letters and small letters.

      3) Green Police was a nickname from 1917 for Ordnungspolizei, just because their uniforms were green, way, way before the Nazi Party came to Power or Hilter was even heard of.

      4) The Ordnungspolizei were not the Nazi unit most directly responsible for implementing the Holocaust. They were standard Police.

      5) The only relationship that they had with Nazism is that they existed in Germany during the Nazi era just like traffic cops, accountants, and carpenters.

      1. JFK — If you cannot argue without calling names, please refrain from answering at all. Your arguments and opinions are welcome. Your insults are not. I removed your 6th comment. If you put it back I shall remove you entirely.

  5. Dear Quilly, I’m guessing you’re cool with censorship, that’s your own choice. If you feel that questioning the mindset of someone who associates children learning about the environment in Britain’s most respected and longest running musical and cultural festival and a inaccurate portal of the standard German police as Nazis is a not problem then I am astonished.

    My children have been members of the “Green Police” at Glastonbury for three years and I find it insulting beyond belief at the stupidity and ignorance shown in the thread. Americans have a reputation in Europe as being ill educated about anything out side of their country, but this is perhaps the most appalling association that can be imagined.

    Perhaps you would be cool if we associated red pandas with communists?

    1. JFK — I find it highly amusing that you cannot make your point without resorting to insults and name calling. That brings both your arrangement and intelligence into question. And I would like to point out that Amoeba DID NOT call the Green Police Nazis. He pointed out the history of their name and suggested they might want to pick a different one.

      As for accusing me of censorship, this is MY blog and I do not have to tolerate verbal abuse (which is an actionable form of assault btw) from anyone whether it is toward me or the other commentors.

      Further more, your use of oppressive, belittling and restrictive comments is doing more harm to my — and I suspect any other reader’s — opinion of the Green Police then ignoring Amoeba would have. I would also like you to note that Amoeba said his piece and walked away. You are the one still jumping up and down and throwing a tantrum. I couldn’t help but wonder why, so thanks to your raising a ruckus, I did a bit of online research. Perhaps you should, too. Start with the link in Amoeba’s comment. It very clearly explains how your “standard police” morphed into the Nazi regime.

      However, officially and for the record — I do NOT believe the environmental group calling themselves Green Police is in any way associated with the Nazi regime. I do however think this entire discussion is fruitless and I wish it to end.

  6. Hello Quilly,

    I Love the idea of the green police and if I lived nearby would definitely fill out an application. (I live in South Florida)

    At the Museum of Litter, I use a THANK YOU card to give a litterer. It says thank you for your donation to the Museum of Litter. Without your donations, the museum would cease to exist. These are available as a free pdf on the website. On the back of my cards that are printed both sides are the times it takes for commonly littered items to decompose. Have to add that info to the cards on the website…

    Don’t know when your Glastonbury Festival is, but if there is time I’d be happy to send some cards to you…

    Also, the criticism of your comment about using sexiness…. Made me realize, (and I may be wrong) but what I think might mean is flirtatiousness as a way to interact with a litterer and ‘tease’ them in a friendly way to rethink littering.

    Love your attitude and wise way you responded to the abusive attacks to your post. Very calm and yet firm. You’re very cool.

    Happy to meet a new eco friend.

    Sharon Huff
    A Virtual Museum for litter-prevention
    Our goal is to go out of business because there’s no more litter to showcase.
    Twitter: MuseumofLitter
    Facebook Group: Museum of Litter

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