Green Police Now Hiring

Apply today and make a difference in the world.

Green Police

In order to ensure a clean and green experience Glastonbury Festival hires Green Police. This is the job of a lifetime. You get to attend the festival, be part of the show, design your own “uniform”, and make a positive impact on the environment while teaching others to do the same.

Your duties will include:

  • Completing a training/try out session (unless you’ve worked the festival previously)
  • Having a fantastic costume and dressing colourfully and funky
  • Camping in the Green Police designated camping area (bring your own tent)
  • Attending meetings, being part of the team, and agreeing to the rules
  • Bringing Wellington Boots
  • Refraining from smoking, drinking or terrible hangovers while on duty.

As a Green Police officer you will use humor and sexiness to educate people on how to leave no impact on their evnironemnt.  Your job duties will include educating festival goers on, and enforcing, festival ettiquette.  You will demonstrate the proper disposal of fag (cigarette) butts; encourage recycling, and monitoring litter management behaviors.

You will be considered not only a fair employee, but an integral member of the festival team and part of the entertainment as well.  You will be encouraged to have fun with your job while taking it seriously.  To prevent people from taking the job soley to get into the festival, there is an application fee and you will have to buy a festival ticket — monies fully refundable when (and only if) you successfully complete your contract by serving your allotted hours.

Get your Green Police application at Savetheworldclub,org. Check out the FAQ and look the site over. Remember, even though this is a festival and they want you to have fun, you do have a job to do and this is an application for employment. Furthermore, the Green Police are role models. They do not advocate the use of drugs. Any Green Police employee found under the influence will be instantly sacked. Also, preference will be given to those with former Green Police experience.