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She: Finally. I’ve posted.

He: Great work as usual, love. But, you know, since you’re always insisting on celebrating 19th-century writers …

She: Huh?

He: … wouldn’t it be simple fairness, every once in awhile, to say that you’ve melvilled? Or hawthorned? Or even that you’ve done something austentatious?

She: What are you talking about?!?

He: Instead of always saying that you’ve Poe-sted? Not that he wasn’t a great writer, mind you, but his range was a bit limited. All macabre, all the time. And a fat lot of good it did him; he hardly ever made enough money with his writing to buy dinner. An early Victorian blogger, he was. And you know what they called a hungry Poe, don’t you?

She: No, and I …

He: Raven-ous.

She: And do you know what they call punny amoebae?

He: No, and I …

She: Extirpated!


        1. Whaddaya mean “what a melodrama”? Trust me, one of those big ol’ watermelons lands on you, you’ve got drama.

    1. I’m sure it would have killed Jane, too, Mama. Or maybe make her wish to kill somebody. On stage, even.

  1. Lordy, what you live with. Funny, but Poe isn’t all macabre. He wrote romance as well and humor almost as well. Quilly, that’s some gold bug you’ve got there.
    .-= Doug´s last blog ..Dance =-.

    1. All true, that about Poe’s writing, Doug. But in the name of Art (surely you know Art), I took some poe-etic license.

  2. UGH! This is the pits! (watch out for the pendulum!) Things are feeling a little Poe-ish over on my blog too…. oh wait… that WAS a raven… never mind!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Snow Fun! =-.

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