Splurge — Because Your Hair is Worth It

I looked in the mirror the other day and realized my hair is in serious need of some TLC.  It is an unruly mop of an indeterminate color  which I refuse to label gray but most certainly isn’t blond.  I started looking online for possibilities and ideas and I found Splurge. They have the hair cut and the hair color I want posted right on their website at hair salons dallas. Now, if only I could purchase the body to go with it …

Speaking of pampering, those of you who think you aren’t seeing as much of me as you used to because I am lounging around haven’t quite grasped how much my life has changed.  Here on campus Amoeba works within yards of our front door and I am now planning, cooking and cleaning up after three meals per day — every day.  He also leaves home much later every morning and is home earlier in the evenings.

No, I am not complaining about getting to spend more time with Amoeba, but of course it translates to less time with you.  Also, I have taken an online writing job I spend a few hours on every day.   And I have books to read for reviews — in fact I am behind.  Add to that laundry, house cleaning, and occasional pauses to watch and eagle soar by or watch the sun rise and set, and you can see I have much more life and much less free time now.

11 thoughts on “Splurge — Because Your Hair is Worth It

  1. LOL! Well, you can’t have more time WITH Amoeba AND more time by yourself at the same time… Sorry kiddo! It just doesn’t add up that way!
    .-= Melli´s last blog ..Snow Fun! =-.

  2. I’m sort of dreading having my husband home all day. I feel like I need to be available for his needs (real or imagined) — plus he tends to want me to do housework instead of blog! Go figure.
    He just took a couple of days off and I was SO very ready for him to return to work today! (Of course, today was the day I was gone for the bulk of the day, so I didn’t even get to enjoy it — and now I’ll have 5 kids home with me tomorrow as we anticipate snow.)
    When you move into the house, you’ll just pack him a lunch and have the day to yourself, right?
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Random Dozen, LOST edition =-.

    • Karen — exactly. Plus, I don’t start projects because I know they will just be interrupted for a tuna sandwich, or a lost pair of glasses, or an empty ice tea jug, or some such thing.

  3. I just said the other day, if we didn’t need to eat, how much free time I’d have! Between shopping, planning, fixing meals, eating and cleaning up after everyone, there goes my day.

    But congratulations on getting the online income and reviews, and more time together! It already sounds like things are looking up — though March’s move date must seem far from here. I hope it goes by quickly!
    .-= Susan at Stony River´s last blog ..The Catastrophic Coffee, and Jonathan, and a Butterfly =-.

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