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Nature Reflections

Weekend Reflections

James, over at Newton Area Photo
hosts a fun meme called Weekend Reflections.
Grab a camera and play along.
And even if you don’t join us,
be sure to check out James’ dazzling photos.

I know those of you back east do not wish to hear this, but our winter has been so mild that many trees and flowers are in bloom. Here you can see a lovely swan with a pair of ducks she seemed to be shepherding.

Reflections from the other end of the pond.

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    1. Barbara — it has been years since I have seen snow and we can leave it that way (but we won’t because I am going to Massachusetts in a couple of weeks.

      I like the second pic best, too.

  1. i love the reflections and that the only thing white in these pics is the swan! however, i don’t see any cygnets, just some sort of ducks alongside the big bird
    .-= polona´s last blog ..fair weather? =-.

    1. Polona — I had it on good authority that those were indeed chicks, but Amoeba agrees with you that they are not, so I changed the caption.

    1. John — I am very appreciative of the mild weather and I am enjoying it. I am glad you like the second shot best. It is my favorite.

  2. I’m crazy for swans but that second shot is really pretty.
    I’m loving the mild weather too, especially since I just have a sheet of plastic covering a window in the kitchen due to the remod!
    Looks like you’re having a great time out and about on the island…hope to get there as soon as my chore list clears up a little bit.
    .-= shelly´s last blog ..The Treasure Hunt =-.

    1. Shelly — I agree. I got out of the car to take pictures of swans but the other end of the pond looked so magnificent it received most of my attention.

    1. James — thanks. I placed it last because I knew it was the better fo the two photos, even though that wasn’t what I was hoping for when I started snapping. It was just too bright a day to get decent pics of white anything.

  3. Wow! That 2nd shot is spectacular!

    Last year the PNW was hit with a great deal of snow, so I’d say they’ve earned an early spring. I hope the usual late freeze doesn’t kill all the blossoms!

    Snow is in our forecast for tomorrow night: possibly another half-foot. I can’t even wrap my head around it anymore. But my husband is outside building an igloo as I type this!
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Random Dozen: Red or Pink? =-.

    1. Karen — I experessed the same deadly frost concerns and Amoeba said it rarely freezes on San Juan Island. We are getting plenty of gray skies and rain, but not as much as I anticipated, and I am certainly not going to complain when you are all buried in snow!

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