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Copper is Classy

I have a friend who wears copper earrings, necklaces, bracelets and even a copper chain-link belt. She swears it has healing powers. Further more, she says it is the reason she no longer suffers from arthritis. Whether you believe it has curative powers or not, you have to admit that copper is a beautiful metal. I love the look of copper jewelry against sun tanned skin. It looks classy yet just a touch primitive at the same time. Copper speaks to me of wild spirits and mysterious depths.

Which camp are you in? Do you think there is a curative Copper Bracelet Arthritis relationship, or do you think it is just wishful thinking? If you believe in the curative properties of copper, I would love you to share your stories in the comments.

Whichever side of the copper debate you support,  you may still want to check out and oogle their jewelry — handmade copper bracelets and much more.  The site has a lot of beautiful pieces and a good many of them sell for less than $20.00.  Not only that, shipping is free worldwide.


  1. That last sentence got me! Free shipping worldwide? Gotta check it out.
    I don´t really believe in the medicinal part of Copper, but I do think it is beautiful and it´s worth a look. Thanks for passing that on!

  2. I firmly believe in the benefits of wearing copper – when my elbow or shoulder start to throb, the first thing I do is put my copper bracelet on. I don’t wear it all the time though, because a green wrist isn’t my idea of a fashion statement 😉

    I also swear by magnets – strong rare earth magnets. I have a set of tiny ones that I tape to pressure points around my kneecap when it gets bad.
    .-= Jenn@ You know… that blog?´s last blog ..6 Word Saturday =-.

  3. I’ll be checking back to see if you have commenters with testimonies of copper doing what I’ve heard it can do! I’d be glad to wean myself off the ibuprofen I’m constantly taking for my arthritic knee.
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Random Dozen: Red or Pink? =-.

  4. I use lots of copper in the jewelry I make; my clients love the look. (I also offer sterling silver, but don’t work in gold except by special commission.) I have not heard of curative powers from it, but who knows? Many of my clients LOVE copper metal, either the shiny or the aged rustic look.

    Copper is complimentary to many skin tones, particularly the aged copper and goes with either gold or silver (already owned jewelry) , often at a lesser cost. Hope you’re settling in fine in your new digs!
    .-= gel´s last blog ..Music to My Ears =-.

  5. That’s an old saying ! Even in my youth men used to wear cupper bracelets because they were healthy. One of my bosses had one too, he was French. There are still a lot of French men who wear these copper bracelets. My husband had one too, but he doesn’t like jewelry so he prefered to suffer from arthritis !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

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