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Rendering Unto

He and She were sitting together while the church choir was doing its thing …

He (whispering): “You’d think that a God who loved us would choose not to be visualized as a loan officer. Especially in this economy.”

She (ditto, with an effort): “Sweetheart, you can take God’s love to the bank, but how does that make God a loan officer?”

He: “Just listen to those folks up there. Over and over. Owe my God …”

She: “Oh my … well, love, it’s worse than that. You’re in debt to a pack of insects too. Take care lest they work a sting on you.”

He: “Huh?”

She:Owe bee quiet!


    1. Thanks, Melli. I thought that meant we were rich beyond measure, until I realized that the syli is no longer a recognized currency.

    1. Jim, most of these are co-productions. Not this one though, Quilly disavows all knowledge or responsibility. Probably afraid of lightning strikes.

  1. At least he whispers ! mine can’t whisper. Whispering is unknow in Italy even in a church, lol !
    .-= Gattina´s last blog .. =-.

    1. Maybe that’s as well, Gattina. WHISPER, n. A sound that is inaudible and unintelligible to the person in the next chair to whom it is directed, but is clearly heard by persons on the other side of the room who are trying to listen to something else and are annoyed by the intrusion.

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