28 thoughts on “Sensational Haiku Wednesday: Chrysalis

  1. Beautiful photo Q. Damn I wish I could do macros like that. It’s just beautiful. Hey how did you know what next weeks’ word was already LOL. Great Haiku 🙂

    • Doug — Amoea says, “Orchids will live on wool if given the substrate, but they won’t eat it that I know about.” And I just say, “You know this is a Hellebore, right?”

    • Jenn — thanks. You can always tell when I am really proud of a photo. My name shows u on it.

      Yes, our stuff shows up today. Amoeba just rousted me out of bed and now he wants me dressed. Seems he doesn’t want me greeting the furniture guys in my all-togethter. Probably thinks that’ll scare them.

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