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JetDL Rapid Share Search Engine

As its name implies, JetDL is a person-to-person (p2p) download engine that provides rapid file transfer services.  If you want your file fast and you want it easy to access, look for your content on JetDL. It is the rapidshare search engine to choose if logic and organization appeal to you. Unlike their competition, JetDL doesn’t respond to your search with overwhelming, mile-long content lists to wade through.

All structured P2P networks use globally consistent protocols to ensure you find the file you seek and can download it rapidly. JetDL does more.  At JetDL your search results are grouped in such a way that you know if the file is complete in one download, or has multiple parts. If the file has multiple parts, all the related files are displayed as a group, so you do not have to play “search and rescue” to find any missing components.

If you want audio, video, data or just about anything in digital format, you want to search for it using JetDL.  You’ll get fast results in an easy to read format and every file pertaining to the downoad will be presented at once.  Rapid and efficient.  What more could you ask for from a P2P?