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Answer: Little Amoeba

Child A, the one on the arm of the chair is Amoeba’s younger brother.

Child B, the one seated in the chair is the eldest in the family, is Amoeba.

Child C, seated on the floor, is Amoeba’s little sister and the youngest in the family.

Amoeba’s brother was well-known for making his own rules.  If you want to hear his story go see his widow, Tilden; or his daughter, Amanda.

Amoeba you know and love.  He was the kid who aimed to please and hated to be in trouble.  He’s still a perfectionist and likes all his Ts crossed and his Is dotted so everyone is on the same page.

Amoeba’s little sister is a caring and dedicated nurse.  She loves laughter and fun.


    1. Doug — a careful rereading of the post will reveal that Tilden is the widow of child A. And the only family members mentioned by name in my post are those who have named themselves online. And Tilden and Amanda are mentioned not because they are in the photo, but because it belongs to them.

    1. Melli — I think so, too! And he’sa still dashing now. Dashing to work. Dashing to music practice. Dashing to rehearsal. Dashing to choir. Etc.

    2. Melli, you have no idea how hard it is to hold a face like that with nothing but pseudopods and protoplasm.

  1. somehow i missed your photo post last night (no wonder, came home late and dead tired) but i’m sure i would have guessed who amoeba was 🙂
    oh, i rather like the photo, too 😉
    .-= polona´s last blog ..strange moon =-.

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