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    1. Come on Thom, you can do better than pffft!
      Woman, your story better be good tomorrow! or some such thing as that. Looking forward to tomorrows story Quilly.
      .-= OJM´s last blog .. =-.

  1. Sounds like my Wednesday! Up at 4:20am, and then I stared at the ceiling for a good 30 minutes before falling asleep around 10:30pm. However, I didn’t get a beautiful day in Seattle with lots of pictures! I’m looking forward to seeing yours. 🙂
    .-= kcinnova´s last blog ..Thankful Thursday =-.

  2. “The story WILL be here tomorrow (Friday) if I don’t get anything else done.”

    quilly, you obviously have a problem with 3WT and i think it’s time you decided what to do with it. perhaps you should make the meme bi-weekly or even monthly if you think you can’t keep up with the pace. and even if you discontinue it i guess everybody would understand – although i think it would be a great shame if the strawberry fife story remains unfinished.

    in my opinion , the current state of affairs lacks seriousness and is disrespectful towards the participants, however few we may be left. so i would kindly ask you to think things over and come up with a solution. whatever you decide will be fine with me but i would like to know where we all stand.

    (i take it you get comment notification via email. i’ve been thinking whether to post it here or contact you directly – or say anything at all for that matter – but since this doesn’t concern only me i decided to post it as a comment. i hope it won’t cause any offence and feel free to delete it if you think my rambling is inappropriate)
    .-= polona´s last blog ..welcome spring =-.

  3. No offense taken, Polona. I was just thinking last night that I might have to move 3WT to bimonthly at least until my life is my own again. This glitch came about because of a computer death. I can’t resurrect it and it has my completed 3WT post. I went to bed Friday hoping to revive the thing today (this is my Saturday), but now I am left to rewrite it.

    Amoeba’s old laptop, which I have been using, died. I got out my desk top and set it up, but it apparently is still sick from the sea voyage. I just hooked the little Notebook Thom gave me to the monitor and key board of my desktop and will work from here.

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